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Playing The Odds

Technology, especially over the last two decades, has progressed at a terrifying pace, producing a very distinct trend - people have come to expect more.

Playing The Odds

Jan 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Technology, especially over the last two decades, has progressed at aterrifying pace, producing a very distinct trend – people have come toexpect more. This higher degree of expectation has directly impacted anumber of various industries, among which is that of hotel meetingfacilities. People have long forgotten the days of overhead transparencies,chalkboards and poor microphones attached to portable podiums. These relicsof the past have been replaced with high-resolution monitors, LCDprojectors and high-quality wireless microphones, all of which are notperceived as mere perks; they are seen as necessities. If an events planneris less than satisfied with available audiovisual equipment at a givenhotel, he will go elsewhere.-It is for that reason that hotels simplycannot afford to lag too far behind evolving technological trends,especially if the competitors are keeping pace.

Gaming facilities, in some ways, have it much worse. There is only a finiteamount of money that people are willing to spend on gambling, and toincrease business often means drawing customers away from competitors. Toaccomplish this, casinos increase visibility and concentrate on generatinga distinct atmosphere within, and sound and video play a vital role in bothattracting potential gamblers and keeping existing ones from leaving.Moreover, the latest security measures are needed to keep assets safe. Withthat in mind, gaming facilities are more than willing to spring forstate-of-the-art technology because they know that failure to provide anexciting ambiance leads directly to financial ruin.

Because technology moves at such a rapid pace, it is difficult for hotelsand casinos to satisfy their customers, let alone impress and even protectthem. Consequently, sound and video contractors are in a unique position tolend aid by serving as a broker of modern technology. You have theopportunity to create a number of relationships in which both contractorand client will benefit equally because you bring access to the equipmentthat lodging and gaming facilities need in order to survive. In return,they offer lucrative, high-profile contracts. Do your job well the firsttime, and your clients will know exactly who to call when it comes time foran upgrade.

In this issue, you will find the tools necessary to meet the needs of thegaming and lodging industries. People who have previously worked for andwith casinos and hotels will offer valuable insight into the market,allowing a rare view into the minds and mannerisms of a sea of potentialclients. You will also benefit from technical information on videowalls,automatic microphone mixers, constant-voltage distributed loudspeakers andsecurity systems – information that can be added to your audiovisual bag oftricks and used in many seemingly unrelated applications. Armed with theknowledge in this month’s issue of S&VC, you will find that the odds aredefinitely in your favor.

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