Sencore Launches Digital AES Audio Analyzing Tech School

Now you can analyze and troubleshoot digital audio so well that your customer receives the optimal ambiance of conducting a “live" performance!
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Sencore Launches Digital AES Audio Analyzing Tech School

Jul 13, 2006 10:19 AM

Now you can analyze and troubleshoot digital audio so well that your customer receives the optimal ambiance of conducting a “live" performance! Conducting a concert is the ultimate listening position in an audio experience! Digital audio analyzing technology is the definitive answer to creating that experience. Digital technology emerged because digital signals can be copied or transmitted perfectly, while analog signals lose some quality with each generation of reproduction.

Don't lose audio quality! In one day, learn the essential skills to understand digital audio and how to test its performance and troubleshoot problems when they occur. This digital audio course is filled with hands-on activities to either get you started, or improve, your current digital audio analyzing comprehension and testing abilities.

Attend this class, and here's what you learn:

  • Tech Theory: Learn all the digital audio terminology. Learn how a digital audio signal is constructed and organized into a standard signal format. Become familiar with the different digital audio interfaces. Learn how digital audio levels are measured and how they relate to digital word values. Learn how audio performance can be compromised in a digital format by digital audio equipment and systems.
  • Tech Procedures: Learn hands-on procedures to measure the bit status and parameters of a digital audio signal. Monitor the audio within the digital signal with headphones and a scope. Fully performance test a digital audio signal and digital audio equipment. In all, you will learn effective methods to diagnose digital audio equipment problems and signal performance issues.
  • Tech Tools: Learn how to generate digital audio test signals using a signal generator. Learn to use a digital audio analyzer to fully analyze the status, levels, and channel status bits of any digital audio signal. Use a digital audio analyzer to test signal performance using THD, frequency, jitter, and signal lock tests. Use a digital audio analyzer to test digital audio equipment for signal distortion, jitter, latency and transparency.

Sencore Electronics is proud to host the Digital AES Audio Analyzing seminar at the Sencore facility in Sioux Falls, SD (just north of the Ramkota Inn).

Become a thriving entrepreneur who achieves success by providing digital audio analyzing and troubleshooting. Learn how to give your customers a perfectly calibrated audio system by attending our ground-breaking seminar! Give your customers the opportunity to say "I've never heard audio like this! I feel like I'm conducting a concert!"

Digital AES Audio Analyzing
Sencore, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD
August 11, 2006

This seminar offers hands-on lab exercises to practice the classroom theory. We limit the number of students in these courses to ensure a constructive classroom environment, so HURRY to sign up. In one energizing day, you'll become a more confident technician, achieve the results you want - and make it look easy.

To make your seminar reservation, email Sencore at or register online at or call (800) 736-2673.




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