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September 2012

September 2012

Tech Showcases

Boundary Mics and Automatic Mic Mixers

By Bob McCarthy

This month’s showcase will feature boundary microphones and automatic mixers. The coupling of these two entities steers us in a decidedly corporate direction, emphasizing conference, podium, courtroom, and boardroom applications. …

Corporate Projectors

By Bennett Liles

The models we survey here have a broad range of applications, but we’ve chosen to look at their features in light of corporate boardroom and training applications….

Columns & Features

On the Circuit

By Cynthia Wisehart

In Seattle at Barboza, Glen Phillips had just finished a set for the gathering of press and dealers at Mackie’s debut event for the Mackie DLM series powered loudspeakers. …

Test Marketing with AV

By Don Kreski

Time Warner’s seven-month-old Medialab is one of the most sophisticated test marketing facilities ever built, employing innovative research tools to evaluate testers reactions and integrating a sophisticated audio visual system to observe, record, and analyze those reactions….

Inside Look: Mackie DLM Ultra-compact Powered Loudspeakers

The light bulb moment that started the Mackie DLM series came at InfoComm 2009 when Mackie’s John Boudreau was making the rounds with EAW’s Jeff Rocha, looking at something new: speakers with vertically aligned drivers. …

End-to-end Howard Theatre Renovation, Part 1

With Bennett Liles

The Howard Theater in Washington, D.C was once a dilapidated hulk, but after a huge renovation, its audio and video systems are among the best anywhere. …

End-to-end Howard Theatre Renovation, Part 2

With Bennett Liles

The complete renovation of Washington, D.C.’s Howard Theatre was a big job, and the video setup is second to none….

Loudspeaker System Design for Worship, Part 1

With Bennett Liles

Just because it’s a small church doesn’t mean it can’t be a big job with three-second reverb time and no audio experts on staff….

Loudspeaker System Design for Worship, Part 2

With Bennett Liles

The Immaculate Conception Church in Traverse City, Mich., needed an unattended sound system and gear that virtually disappeared into the sanctuary. …

Rock Concerts, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus

By Jeff Carroll, Ph.D.

The louder the music, the more fans rave. That ringing in your ears after a concert usually goes away within hours or days. But what if it persists?…


Mackie DL1608 Mixer Review

By John McJunkin

The DL1608 itself is not actually a complete mixer. It’s one half of a two-part system—the I/O and digital audio engine that handles all the input, output, and processing of your signals. The other half of the system is the iPad that you provide to control the system….

DPA d:fine Headset Microphone Review

Reviewer: John McJunkin

The d:fine (“define”) microphone is the latest headset from DPA, adding to its line that already includes the 4066 and 4088 headsets. …

The Buzz

Emergency Preparedness 

Christie is part of the American Red Cross’ “Prepare SoCal” campaign, which aims to prepare Southern California businesses and households for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and other emergencies. …

Digital Signposts: Digital Signage and Manufacturing

By Vern Freedlander, vice president, production, X2O Media

Live data has always been an important component of digital signage, but one business sector in particular can reap enormous benefits….

Live Video Cloud Streaming

The Discover Video Nimbus Cloud Service and is ideal for instant live video streaming to desktops and mobile devices, and it can be simpler and less expensive than hosting your own streaming server or contracting with a major Content Delivery Network operator….

Why Your Company Needs to Be on

For many homeowners, knowing where to start and what possibilities can be achieved when embarking on a home technology project is hard. …

Certified Audiovisual Solutions Provider AV Systems Verification Checklist

This checklist is intended to provide a comprehensive and singular source of tests to determine if the audiovisual system achieves the client’s goals or objectives and that the system performs in accordance with the best practices of the industry. …

GovComm Registration is Now Open

Registration for second annual GovComm 2012 has opened. …

Healthcare IT and AV Meet at the Technology Crossroads Conference

InfoComm International and the National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) will be co-hosting the inaugural Technology Crossroads Conference….

AV Heroes Provides Training for Vets

InfoComm International is teaming up with the United Veterans Learning Centers (UVLC) to provide veterans with training and an opportunity to enter the AV industry….

InfoComm Sets Future Show Dates Through 2019

Wondering about the dates and locations for the InfoComm Show this June and beyond?…

Calling All Presenters for InfoComm 2013

Showcase your talents and share your insights on the audiovisual industry at InfoComm 2013. …

Webinar Series to Successfully Manage Your Business Using Excel

NSCA assists integrators to better manage their time and resources with a series of webinars aimed to create efficiency using popular software such as Microsoft Excel. …

NSCA to Provide Estimating & Project Management Training

NSCA’s popular project management training has been scheduled for a variety of dates throughout the remainder of 2012, to be held at locations in Minneapolis and Dallas….

Business Insights For Today’s Integrator

Check out Inside NSCA, a business tips, resources, and helpful advice blog from NSCA’s Chuck Wilson….

Altinex TNP528 and TNP528C Interconnect Boxes

The TNP528 is a hybrid interconnect solution with digital (HDMI) and analog (VGA) interconnects….

New Products

Planar Helium Monitor

The Planar Helium 27in. multi-touch monitor is a bright, slim-profile interactive display with a smooth all-glass front surface, wide viewing angles, and a built-in full HD webcam….

Video Furniture International T324 T1 Collaboration Table

The Video Furniture International T324 T1 consists of the table T324 and the 1X TP800 fixed-base telepresence stand (choice of single, dual, or XL)….

Aviom Pro64 Network Manager version 3.0

Aviom’s Pro64 Network Manager version 3.0 is now available for download on Aviom’s website….


Eartec’s COMSTAR is a full duplex system that allows crews to converse simultaneously….

DVEO MultiSteamer DIG/IP micro Encoder/Live Streamer

DVEO has introduced the Linux-based MultiStreamer DIG/IP micro encoder/live streamer that’s 9.8in. long and 7.8in. wide….

Panasonic TH-47LF5U LCD Display

Extron FOX T UWP 302 Fiber-optic Transmitter Wallplate

The FOX T UWP 302 is a two-input fiber-optic transmitter for long transmission of video and stereo audio signals over fiber optics….


The lockbox features a single fan, as well as a mounting location for a second fan should additional thermal management be required….

Vaddio Software Update

The free Version 1.1 software update allows ClearView HD-USB PTZ camera users the ability to control the camera from any computer or mobile device that supports a web browser….

Audio Authority SF-16B Amplifier

Audio Authority has introduced the SF-16B, a basic version of its 16-channel SF-16M matrix amplifier….

Taiden HCS-8301M Digital Audio Mixer

The HCS-8301M is a 15-channel hardware mixer with fader attenuation at a range of -30dB to 0dB….

Mega-Lite Enlighten One Lighting Console

Mega-Lite has announced the Enlighten One console, an all-in-one software, board, and 23in. touchscreen….

Eos Wireless Pro Series Wireless Audio Line

The Pro Series products are based on 2.4GHz digital wireless technology and have a wireless transmission range of up to 300ft….

Lightware PLUS and MED series

Lightware has announced two new lines of enclosures for its series of standalone DVI matrix switchers….

Crown Audio VRACK 4x3500HD

This amplifier incorporates three of Crown’s I-Tech 4x3500HD DriveCore series 4-channel power amplifiers in a single road-ready rack….

Airflex AF5D-5S

The Airflex AF5D-5S from Airflex5D, a venture affliated with Elite Screens, is a 2D/3D projector stacking system that aligns the images of multiple projectors vertically and horizontally into one single picture with amplified brightness….

Earthworks WL40V

The Earthworks WL40V wireless vocal microphone capsule has a three-ring bulls-eye connector and is interchangeable with any of the screw-on-type handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm….

Peerless-AV Tablet Mounts

Peerless-AV has announced two Universal Desktop Tablet Mounts and a Universal Tablet Cradle, as well as the Tablet Stand for iPad….

Extron DMP 128

The DMP 128 is a 12×8 audio mixer featuring Extron ProDSP, automixing, I/O expansion capabilities, and acoustic echo cancellation….

DiGiCo Rack Pack

The pack adds a second D-Rack, digital snakes, and a flight case for the surface as well as a road-ready, 72-mic input system….

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