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Sports Video Group to Hold Seminar on Wireless Sports Production

The one-day seminar, produced by the Sports Video Group June 27 in New York, addresses recent controversial Congressional proposals

Sports Video Group to Hold Seminar on Wireless Sports Production

Jun 14, 2006 11:14 AM

Live video from in-car cameras during a NASCAR race, shots from a blimp flying over a stadium, a referee’s call, or even a simple interview with a fan in the stands may become a thing of the past in light of a flurry of recent bills proposed in both the Congress and the Senate, which are looking to allow unlicensed wireless devices to be used in “White Spaces” ordinarily reserved for wireless sports, ENG and any other service that relies on wireless transmission.

This controversial topic will be covered in a one-day seminar entitled “”The Sports RF Management Challenge: Is Washington Going to Make A Tough Job Even Tougher?” produced by the Sports Video Group on June 27 at the Dolby Screening Room, 1350 Sixth Ave (and 55th St) in New York.

The seminar, developed by the members and the Advisory Board of Sports Video Group, which represents the television and live sports production industry, will feature a special keynote by David L Donovan, MSTV president, who has spearheaded representation for the broadcast engineering community on this issue.

Other featured presentations will include: Lou Libin, Broad Comm and RF industry expert; Ralph Beaver, SBE and Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Chris Imlay, SBE general counsel; Larry Estrin, Olympics RF consultant; and Don Sperling, producer.

The seminar is part of the SVG Summer Seminar Series, which includes two additional events: Sports Surround Sound Seminar: July 27, 2006, Dolby Screening Room; S4: Small Screen Sports Seminar, August 10, 2006, New York.

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