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Techni-Lux Parties Despite Hurricane

Techni-Lux Parties Despite Hurricane

Sep 21, 2004 6:54 PM

Despite the major setbacks of having a category-two hurricane ravage Orlando, Florida, the weekend before its scheduled 13th birthday party and then having to deal with the resulting power outages and storm damage, Techni-Lux ( managed to pull off its party—one week later than planned. The warehouse itself was put on display, with various lighting fixtures like SGM Giotto 400s, 1200s, an SGM Palco, a Studio Due CityColor, and a Pulsar ChromaBank set up throughout. SGM Regia consoles were set up to control the display fixtures, allowing the guests to have some hands-on experience with a range of Techni-Lux products. “We had a great attendance, especially after just surviving a hurricane, and we hope to do this again in the future,” says Tony Hansen, resident lighting designer, “It’s a nice opportunity to finally meet some of the folks we talk to every day and let them tour our 20,000-square-foot facility and showroom.”

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