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LCD Monitor The 15-inch FP591 LCD monitor features SRS surround sound and built-in Digital Photo Frame. The FP591 also features advances


Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM

LCD Monitor


The 15-inch FP591 LCD monitor features SRS surround sound and built-in Digital Photo Frame. The FP591 also features advances in signal response times, sound, brightness, and contrast levels. It has a dual-input interface and feather-touch buttons. The FP591 can also support an optional TV tuner that supports both NTSC and PAL systems, as well as composite, S-video, and TV antenna signals without the need of an external power supply.
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Video Player

Denon Electronics

The DN-V1700 solid video player is designed for integration into information conveyance vehicles, such as interactive kiosks and display-type advertisements. The DN-V1700 is a 1-rackspace-by-19-inch-by-12-inch unit that provides repeated DVD-quality digital pictures and images or digital BGV with or without sound. The DN-V1700 supports PCMCIA-ATA Flash cards, HDD PC cards, or hard drives in MPEG2, ES, and Intra-picture file formats. Multiple audio and video bit-rate encodings are supported; hence, the length of storage is determined by the corresponding bit rate.
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Hitachi America

The CP-X385W features native XGA resolution for image quality, brightness, and connectivity. The CP-X385W combines native XGA resolution with a contrast ratio of 350:1 and a brightness of 2,200 lumens. Coupled with its weight of just over seven pounds, the ultraportable CP-X385W provides presenters with vibrant and crisp image quality, contained in a lightweight and easily portable footprint. The CP-X385W’s vertical and horizontal keystone correction function enable the unit to be used in classroom or conference room settings, allowing the presenter to work around seating arrangements where the path of the projected image can be obstructed.
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Projection Screen


The Onyx permanently tensioned projection screen features a 4-inch-wide beveled trim frame that keeps the viewing surface flat. There are no snaps, so there’s no puckering, and there’s a built-in 1½-inch of horizontal and vertical adjustment to eliminate sag. A patent is being sought on the fabric attachment and tensioning method. The Onyx assembles in 10 to 15 minutes and is available with flexible white, gray, acoustically transparent, or rear-projection surfaces.
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DVD Player

V Inc.

Combined with the brand’s Vizio P4, 46-inch plasma EDTV or other digital displays, the Bravo D1 provides pure DVD and MPEG-4 AVI playback through digital video interface (DVI) output in high-resolution 480p, 1,080i, and 720p formats. DVI output offers a pure digital video signal from DVD to display without any analog conversion. The benefit of this direct digital connection is a picture free from the video noise and artifacts that are the result of D/A conversion. For digital fixed pixel projectors and TVs such as plasma, LCD, DLP, DILA, and LCoS, this direct digital signal path allows the Bravo D1 to select a 1:1 pixel-mapping DVI output resolution that can match that of the display’s native resolution.
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Video Switch

Hall Research Technologies

The Model VS-2 VGA video switch is designed to select one of two video sources to be displayed on one monitor. The Model VS-2 supports resolutions up to 1,600 by 1,200 with exceptional image quality. The fully solid-state switch terminates both input signals and features amplified output with a bandwidth of 250 MHz. The Model VS-2 can be controlled in the following ways: manual, RS-232 serial port, discrete input, or set to automode to detect and switch to the input with active video automatically.
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