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The Video Domain

The world of video exists in a constant and rapid state of change. The manner in which video is stored has moved from magnetic tape housed in plastic

The Video Domain

May 1, 1998 12:00 PM

The world of video exists in a constant and rapid state of change. Themanner in which video is stored has moved from magnetic tape housed inplastic cassettes to DVD, a comparatively compact, digitally encoded disc.Video’s delivery to the viewer has similarly made the transition fromNTSC-format television to HDTV, plasma displays and DLP projectors. Tocompound matters, new advancements do not necessarily doom establishedtechnology to obsolescence. Projectors generate sharper, brighter pictures;videowalls are more versatile, driven by improved processors, and a widearray of varying video formats-NTSC, PAL, SECAM and S-video, to name just afew-lurk in the shadows cast by recent technology. Keeping pace with aconstantly evolving industry can prove to be a daunting task, but for thesystems contractor whose expertise spans a number of different fields (afairly recent but prominent trend), staying informed soon becomesimpossible.

Fortunately, there is help. Readers of this month’s issue of S&VC will findseven articles written for the low-voltage systems contractor wishing tolearn more about the video domain. Come to understand the importance ofdesigning a video chain with an emphasis upon image quality, and help yourclient get the best video out of his equipment. Acquaint yourself withDVD-Video, thereby preparing yourself for the next wave of video storagetechnology. Study some of the finer points of consideration when installingvideo for large-venue applications by familiarizing yourself with thetechnology currently available, and help your next large-venue installationrun smoothly by making informed decisions when specifying equipment.Sharpen your knowledge of videowall technology, and provide your clientwith a large-format video display with good images and a long life.Corporations and schools looking to cut expenditures are turning todistance learning as a means of stretching their budgets; equip yourselfwith the knowledge necessary to help them, and you will benefitfinancially. Lastly, read firsthand accounts of successful videoinstallations in the Singapore Discovery Centre and the Huntsville, ALschool district. As the low-voltage systems contractor industry expandsacross new technological frontiers, its members must be prepared to facestrong competition from both inside and outside the industry, and losingtouch with modern developments can be devastating. For those debatingcrossing over into video, these articles contain information essential tomaking that assessment, and for those already firmly entrenched in thevideo installation market, reading about some of the newer developments, aswell as honing existing skills, cannot help but be beneficial.

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