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WATCH: 8K TV folds into coffee table

This inkjet-printed OLED display could mean cheaper OLED in the near future

Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles has officially come to a close, but people are still buzzing about some of the upcoming tech that display developers and manufacturers have showcased. YouTube channel HDTVTest captured video of a concept model from TCL that is noteworthy for several reasons.

In the video, TCL showcases their 8K, 65 inch OLED TV that is able to fold in half before lowering its self into a coffee table, leaving half of the display still visible under glass. With the push of a button, the TV raises automatically out of the glass, unfolding its self once again for a more traditional viewing experience. This is no doubt an impressive trick, but companies are still trying to figure out the best use case for such technology.

Meanwhile, however, TCL’s concept model is remarkable for another, less obvious reason. While other companies have been manufacturing OLED displays using inkjet printing, until now, the resulting displays have been considerably smaller and 4K at most. TCL’s model represents a breakthrough in the ability to print large-sized displays at 8K resolution using inkjet printing techniques. Inkjet printing OLED displays is more cost effective, accurate, and over all cheaper than other methods. This means we could see cheaper OLED, even at larger display sizes and resolutions, in the near future.


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