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AVoIP Case Study: Hudson Yards restaurant creates atmosphere with AV over IP

Situated on 28 acres of New York City’s prime real estate in the Chelsea and Hudson Yards neighborhoods of Manhattan, the Hudson Yards development imposes an impressive presence. The site is home to an array of diverse shops, culinary experiences, offices for industry-leaders, public art and cultural institutions, modern residences, acres of public plazas, gardens and groves, and the spectacular Mercado Little Spain dining and market destination by legendary Chef José Andrés.

Spanning 35,000 square foot and located at the base of 10 Hudson Yards, Mercado Little Spain offers an immersive culinary experience inspired by the historic food halls and markets of Spain. Within this striking space sits Spanish Diner, an Iberian take on the classic American diner nestled right under the famous High Line.

Alongside dishes offering the best of two continents, Spanish Diner features a unique audio-visual experience driven by the force of Key Digital’s exceptional AV over IP system comprised of KD-IP922ENC encoders and KD-IP922DEC decoders in an impressive twelve by twenty video matrix and the use of the professionally-crafted and fully customized control system, Compass Control Pro.

The Spanish Diner delivers a high-energy outdoor open-air space with a focus on offering a modern viewing experience on its five projector screens showing a constant stream of the most popular soccer matches of the day. Once per month the restaurant plays a favorite Spanish movie across each projector for the Hudson Yards residents and guests. Thanks to the KD-MLV4x2Pro multi-viewer, the projectors can showcase viewings using full screen mode or a numerous selection of quad screen options.

Utilizing their customized Key Digital Compass Control Pro control software on the restaurant’s iPad, management and host staff easily navigate the screen and source options available to select their desired display wishes. The control system offers control of the motorized screen and projector lifts, multi-viewer mode options, and source selection. The Vivitek projectors require control via PJ Link, a standard projector control protocol via IP which is supported effortlessly by Compass Control Pro.

By bespoke design, Compass Control Pro executes custom scheduled events multiple times throughout the day, keeping with the daily broadcast calendar of soccer matches in world-wide leagues. Each morning the Compass Control iPad automatically turns on all projectors, tunes the DirecTV receivers to the specific channels airing the games, and configures the multi-view layouts of each of the five screens. This sequence of events saves the opening staff valuable time and allows them to focus their attention on creating memorable customer experiences.

Central to the restaurant’s needs but unconventionally not centrally located at the projectors, the unique layout and design feel of the dining room required the AV over IP decoders to bypass traditional placement at the displays and instead be housed at the equipment rack located one floor above. Thanks to Key Digital’s KD-X444L long range extenders, the installation had room to travel up to 100 meters in distance while upholding pristine video quality.

Installation and programming for the site was facilitated by the experts at Audio Visual Designs and Concepts located in Paramus, NJ.

“The power and convenience of sourcing both the hardware and the software from Key Digital really sealed the deal for us. We had a very positive experience having everything designed and purchased as one package.”

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