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B&W celebrate the Nautilus’ 30th anniversary with one-of-a-kind pearl model

A project 5 years in the making, Bowers & Wilkins iconic Nautilus speaker helped cement the company as a premiere name in audio when it launched. Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the speaker’s launch, B&W has created a one-of-a-kind Nautilus speaker in an abalone pearl finish.  Pearl, not so coincidentally, is the material traditionally associated with a 30th anniversary.

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Currently, there’s a two year waitlist for a Nautilus speaker, not the least because of the meticulous detail that goes into building each one.

“Every single one has to be made by hand,” said Nautilus Sander Mark Hazell. “You have to feel what you’re doing to get the shape.”

Even 30 years later, the Nautilus remains B&W’s flagship product. “While Bowers & Wilkins is committed to advancing the future of high-performance audio across all of our product portfolio, Nautilus remains of the highest importance to all of us,” said Dave Sheen, Bowers & Wilkins brand president. “It readily communicates everything that is exceptional and Bowers & Wilkins and our no-holds-barred approach to creating the world’s best sounding, most beautifully designed audio products.”


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