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Finalmouse’s new Centerpiece pushes the envelope of what a mechanical keyboard can be

The Centerpiece pushes the boundaries of keyboard aesthetics-- for a premium $349


Peripheral manufacturer Finalmouse has released an intriguing video that announces the Centerpiece, a mechanical keyboard that pushes the idea of integrated visuals all the way to the limit. Finalmouse is known for its limited-run, design-heavy computer mice, and is now looking to change our idea of what a keyboard can look like. An anodized aluminum case with intricate etching surrounds the keys, acting as an elaborate frame to the main picture: fully transparent keys that sit over a full color screen. Some keyboards have built-in displays; this keyboard is the display.

Finalmouse says the keyboard is made possible by a proprietary creation, the Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack (LDGS), and is the product of two patents and years of research and development. This isn’t too hard to believe, as the display is interactive. As it runs any number of skins using Unreal Engine 5, the displays react to your actions, from fireworks shooting from your keystrokes, to each touch triggering a drop in a lake, causing koi fish to scurry away. This is all made possible by a built-in computer and graphics processor.

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Photo credit: Youtube/Finalmouse

Many keyboard enthusiasts love the sound of a mechanical keyboard, and Finalmouse leans into this fact by saying the Centerpiece keyboard features “typing acoustics and feel unlike any other.” One might worry about typing too hard on what is essentially a glass display, but Finalmouse claims their keyboard is tough– to the point of being “gamer proof” and handling any abuse you can throw at it. The keyboard’s mechanical switches were developed in collaboration with Gatreon, based on one of their switches with some slight tweaks.

As with their other luxury items, the keyboard is priced at a premium– $349, and will be available early 2023.

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