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IKEA speakers and lights launch as the Frekvens modular light and sound collection

After two years of work with Teenage Engineering, the pieces are ready and it's a lifestyle product.

ikea speakers

More than two years ago, Ikea announced a collaboration with Sweden’s teenage engineering to develop a range of lighting and speaker modules. Now the limited edition Ikea speakers and lights–the Frekvens collection–are now on sale.

“Frekvens introduces sound into the home in a new way,” said teenage engineering’s Jesper Kouthoofd in a press release. “It is very simple, fun and playful – bringing a retro and unique aesthetic to Ikea not seen before. The range can help anyone become a home roadie, setting up your own sound system and light show with minimal effort.”

The collection comprises 27 modules that can be mixed and matched to create a personal sound and light experience. There’s almost nothing known so far on performance but here are the basics.

The Frekvens speaker has 8 x 4 x 4 in (20 x 10 x 10 cm) dimensions and comes in yellow/black or red/black.

ikea speakers


There’s a sub package for $149.ikea speakers

Audio streams over Bluetooth and the Ikea speakers and lights can combine into a cube and/or mount on a tripod.

The multi-use LED unit can pulse light to the music and can display one of seven motifs on the display – this module costs $40. The lighting modules can be connected to speaker units to form a block, or up to seven spotlights or multi-use units can be mounted to a $59.99 tripod.

ikea speakers

The  $30 LED spotlight can be customized depending on mood or requirement, courtesy of a $17 set of accessories (they also come in red)..

The units come with fabric handles; there’s a passive radiator behind the volume knob and it comes with feet. This unit is $69.00.

If you really want portability, $19.99 For $19.99 buys the 2 x 1 x 4-in (5 x 2.5 x 10 cm) portable Bluetooth pocket speaker (or it has a belt clip).

ikea speakers

For some reason there are mugs to go with all this. Also an ottoman and a silver raincoat (I’m not kidding), a blanket, eating set and a Cajon drum. Truly a lifestyle product.

Here’s the drum:


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