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Spotify purges tens of thousands of AI-generated songs

Takedown is the latest in a string of cases giving the music industry "AI anxiety."

The rise in generative AI technology has begun to clash with the music industry, with the latest crackdown taking place at Spotify. The audio streaming giant has just purged “tens of thousands” of songs created by AI startup Boomy, according to Financial Times.

Spotify first became concerned about the songs after Universal Music flagged them for “suspicious streaming activity,” due to the tracks sudden surge of reported streams, which was purportedly caused by the use of bots to artificially inflate the numbers.

According to Boomy’s website, the company has produced over 14.5 million songs, which they purport is “nearly 14% of the world’s recorded music.”

During Spotify’s quarterly financial call last month, CEO Daniel Elk stated, “We’re working with our partners on trying to establish a position where we both allow innovation but, at the same time, protect all of the creators that we have on our platform.”


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