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Startup Wisear’s earbuds let you control your smart device with subtle facial movements

Electrodes within the earbud read your skin's electrical signals to command your phone

Do you ever wish there was an hands-free alternative to using your phone in public other than voice commands? Not only can background noise interfere with voice commands, but asking Siri questions in public can be downright embarrassing. Wisear, a French tech startup, is working on a solution for you. Wisear’s Perceive earbuds can use movements it detects in your face to control a smart device, all without you uttering a word.

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Here’s how it works: one of the two earbuds are fitted with electrodes that detect electrical signals in your skin. These electrical signals are triggered by intentional facial movements, such as the clenching of your jaw, which are read as a specific input on your linked smart device. Currently, the Perceive prototypes (which were on display last week at CES) are capable of two functions at maximum. However, Wisear is looking to expand this in the near future to incorporate eye movement functionality into the device.

The Perceive earbuds could not only provide a great convenience to users, but could also grant a great deal of accessibility to users with disabilities.


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