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Audio Atmosphere

When customers walk into a jewelry store, the background music should be another layer of the atmosphere.

Audio Atmosphere

Sep 9, 2014 9:14 PM

Barix IP audio solutions allow European jeweler to affordably and easily stream audio through its 33 stores.

When customers walk into a jewelry store, the background music should be another layer of the atmosphere. It’s not an element that immediately captures the customer’s attention when they’re gazing at dazzling gems but essential nonetheless.

European jeweler Bucherer needed an audio solution that would allow the brand to easily stream audio content and free up its staff to focus on the customer instead of playing in-store DJ. Corporate music provider DMD2 of Switzerland has long trusted Barix IP audio solutions to stream branded audio content to businesses around Europe. The company selected Barix for multipoint in-store radio, streaming high-quality custom music programs to 33 Bucherer retail jewelry stores in four countries.

Bucherer was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888 and is today the European retail leader for luxury watches and fine jewelry. The Barix installation marks the first time Bucherer has used a live in-store radio service, with DMD2 crafting a specially branded music stream from a huge music library to match the particular vibrant and elegant atmosphere of their stores. The service gives the retail chain a high-quality audio program, producing a pleasant and consistent audio experience for customers. The service is now live in stores across Switzerland, Germany, France, and Austria. The Barix IP-based delivery architecture also keeps employees focused on customer service instead of fumbling with CDs and the FM radio dial.

The technical concept of the Barix and DMD2 solution was equally appealing to Bucherer. The solution provides a low-latency, bandwidth-efficient live stream over the retail chain’s existing network, requiring no major updates at the store level. The streams originate from the DMD2 offices in Bern, Switzerland, with direct connection to Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoders inside the stores. The Exstreamers reliably play out AAC+ streams at a bitrate ideal for background music.

The Exstreamer models selected for this installation feature a front-panel display with artist/title and stream information, as well as MicroSD slot with backup music in the event of network failure. That MicroSD slot additionally provides built-in content protection, eliminating the temptation for customers or employees to remove attached USB sticks with DMD2 in-store content. Setup is simple and efficient, and virtually no physical space is required due to the Exstreamer’s compact footprint.

“Bucherer has gained exceptional control over this part of its in-store branding with the Barix and DMD2 solution,” says Alexander Dal Farra, owner and president of DMD2. “They are very happy with their choice. The Barix solution also ensures that their existing audio equipment could be used for an overall cost-effective installation. Additionally, the audio service is virtually maintenance-free once it is up and running.”

Dal Farra adds that his success with Barix across similar in-store radio installations, including Victorinox retail stores in four countries, gave Bucherer the confidence it needed to modernize its in-store music approach. DMD2 handles all Barix device configuration, service monitoring, and music licensing for its in-store radio customers, further simplifying matters for retail customers like Bucherer.

Product at Work:

Barix Exstremer IP Decoder

The Barix Exstremer IP decoder uses MOH Technology’s Adiosys ad insertion software. The Adiosys software offers a simple way for businesses to upload, schedule, and target ads, jingles, and promos, and simultaneously enable fact insertion. The Exstreamer is IP addressable, with the ability to receive and playout targeted messaging in one or more zones or locations. Barix offers several Exstreamer device models for in-store media solutions, including the Exstreamer 110 IP audio device with song, title, and other stream information in a front-panel window; and the Exstreamer 205, which includes built-in amplification.

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