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Sonos Sub Mini coming October 6

Designed for smaller rooms than its big brother, the Sub Mini offers low end at a more attractive price.

After several leaks, the Sonos Sub Mini has officially been announced. The Sub Mini is designed as a compact, more affordable version of the Sonos Sub that will add hefty bass with a smaller footprint. Measuring 12 inches tall, 9.1 inches in diameter, and weighing only 14 lbs, the Sub Mini is designed to pair most effectively with the Sonos Beam, Sonos Ray, or Sonos One, though it is compatible with the rest of the company’s line as well.

Sonos highlights the Sub Mini’s ease of use, as the device has intuitive wireless connectivity as well as an Ethernet port for wired connections. The Sub Mini can easily be set up in the Sonos app and connected to the rest of the Sonos ecosystem, and features two inward-facing drivers to round out your entertainment system’s low end.

“We’ve entered a more thoughtful era of streaming that prioritizes quality over quantity, with creators and platforms investing in immersive entertainment experiences that put premium sound at the forefront,” said Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, SVP for Hardware and Operations at Sonos. “Sub Mini is a welcome addition to the Sonos family, rounding out our home theater product line-up so listeners can experience cinema quality sound that makes them feel like the main character – or player – in their favorite content.”

Available in two color options (matte black and white), the Sub Mini will be available October 6 for $429 retail.


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