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Portable parabolic mic gives handheld cameras crisp audio from far distances

Dodotronic is looking to make parabolic recording more convenient

Parabolic and ultrasonic microphone manufacturers Dodotronic have revealed the Hi-Sound Compact, a stereo parabolic microphone that allows handheld cameras to pick up distant sounds with clarity, all within a portable package.

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Typically, those wanting to implement a parabolic microphone into their setup would use one hooked up to an audio recorder, separate from their camera. The Hi-Sound Compact is designed to be a simpler solution, so there’s not multiple devices to be operated simultaneously.

The Compact is based on the Hi-Sound DR model, but shrunk down to be a camera-mounted counterpart. Attaching to a camera via the shoe mount, audio is transported to the camera through the built-in mic jack. At the core of the Hi-Sound Compact is two matched-pair calibrated mic capsules, each measuring 9.7 mm in diameter and, as a unit, Dodotronic claims they feature “true 20 Hz to 20 kHz performance.”

In addition to the camera-mount option, the Hi-Sound Compact is capable of being mounted to a tripod and attached to an audio recorder. The mic receives power from whichever device it is plugged into, and requires no additional external power.

Dodotronic is estimating shipping to begin in May of this year. For more information, visit Dodotronic’s website.

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