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WATCH: Wireless earbuds that provide real time translation of 37 languages

There’s a plethora of wireless earbuds on the market, and consumers are always looking for something more. Sure, the Mymanu Clik S earbuds are truly wireless, and sure, they claim great audio and an impressive battery life, but that’s not why people are interested.  The Clik S earbuds have been impressing reviewers because they sport real time language translation.

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Positioned for travel and exploration, the wireless earbuds come with the MyJuno app. Together with the app, the Clik S earbuds can provide real time voice or text translation for 37 languages. Via the app, the user selects the language they wish to translate from, the language they wish to translate to, and then tap their earbud and speak. Instantly, their speech is translated to the desired language on their phone screen, and an audio translation is played aloud as well. The desired recipient of the message can then speak back into the phone microphone, and the translated message will display on the screen, as well play in the user’s earbuds.

The earbuds and app have other translation features as well, including a group chat translate option, as well as a text translation option. The true draw here however is the freedom of traveling with the power of impromptu translation in your ears.


The Mymanu Clik S earbuds are available now for $157.


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