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Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA V2

Acoustic isolation platforms upgrade

Auralex Acoustics has announced a V2 upgrade to its GRAMMA (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor Modulation Attenuator) line of Acoustic Isolation Platforms, which are designed to isolate bass rigs, guitar amps, monitors, and subwoofers on-stage and in the studio. Like their V1 predecessors, these patented isolation platforms feature an Ozite covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a 1in. pad of Auralex Platfoam. V2 upgrades include a lower profile for increased stability, even better mid- and low-frequency definition, and a new easy-to-grab handle. Part of Auralex’s ISO Series (instant sound optimizer), the GRAMMA V2 line includes three models: BabyGRAMMA V2 designed for compact guitar, bass, and keyboard amplifiers; the GRAMMA V2, designed for mid-sized amps and speaker cabinets; and the GreatGRAMMA V2, which is almost 30 percent bigger to float large speaker cabinets.

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