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CASE STUDY: The Wellness Center Thibodaux, Louisiana

Visitors entering The Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional Medical Center in Thibodaux, LA, are immediately engaged by a 17-minute video that showcases the native beauty of Louisiana. With content powered by Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer2 (PVP2) across three 4K video displays, the imagery can orient as one continuous image, or separate images for each of the screens.

Visitors can also activate interactive options via touchscreen. This includes a wayfinding element with a list of medical services available at The Wellness Center.

To create the lobby experience, The Wellness Center hired VisionQuest Design & Production, an Atlanta, GA-based audio/video producer that specializes in creating innovative multimedia projects. VisionQuest specified the Renewed Vision’s PVP2 video playback system for its costefficiency and multi-screen display capabilities, including its ability to work with UHD resolutions. “While production companies are starting to work with 4K video, few are equipped to handle the challenges associated with ultra-high-definition 12K video,” said Tony Shannon, president of VisionQuest, which built a custom 4K three-camera rig to capture footage from jib crane, golf cart, pickup, and airboat. “Not only is the PVP2’s video engine uniquely capable of processing and playing out resolution independent video, this Mac-based system synchronizes and delivers the imagery across multiple non-standard displays, including the layer of images we required for interactivity.”

Each of three 3×3 video walls is 12ft. wide, with 10ft. of distance between them — together they span a 56-ft. area. Mounted on the walls above the displays are two stereo speakers, as well as a sound isolation dome that minimizes noise during interactive use. With HDMI, cable/ satellite, and Blu-ray inputs, each monitor wall can also be used for events, like video game tournaments, watch parties for football games, and other live presentations.

As for the interactive capabilities, by pressing a “touch here” icon at the center of the displays, visitors can bring up additional imagery on a 50- to 60-in. center section of the screen. These images can be whatever is playing on the big screen — only at a smaller scale for easier viewing at close range — as well as a menu of interactive activities and options. Visitors can choose to display many resources, including maps of the medical center, bios on doctors, medical services the facility provides, patient success stories, and more.

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