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Clockaudio CUI-2

This microphone-to-USB preamp allows users to easily connect the majority of Clockaudio’s range of professional gooseneck, boundary, and suspended microphones to their PC or laptop. Whether it’s a simple directional boundary microphone or gooseneck for the workdesk, or an advanced dual-element boundary microphone for multiple users around the conference table, the Clockaudio CUI-2 Microphone-to-USB Interface will allow easy connectivity of professional grade microphones and control of additional microphone features such as touch switches, LED status indicators, etc. The unit supports easy under-table mounting and provides 10-50dB gain control, 48V phantom power (or optional 12V external supply), touch switch port for use with Clockaudio capacitive touch switches, RGB color selection for control buttons, latching mute and push-to-mute modes, VU metering, and demo mode test tones.

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