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Listen Private Channels

Listen EVERYWHERE, Listen Technologies’ wireless system that streams audio and customized content directly to smartphones and smart devices, now offers Private Channels. This means venue administrators, professors, or IT personnel can select any or all audio channels to mark as private on their network. Private Channels allow for an added measure of security while enabling users to adhere to social distancing mandates while using their own devices. They are ideal for board meetings in which members are sitting in different areas of the building to maintain physical distancing. Users can quickly and easily set up the password(s) directly from their smartphone using an admin section in the Listen EVERYWHERE app. The password is communicated per the venue’s security protocol (e.g., via email, text, website, signage in the room, etc.). When the listener wants to stream a channel that is designated as private, they are prompted for a password to hear the audio on their iOS or Android smart device.

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