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D.A.S. Aero 20A Loudspeaker

A compact powered line array system

D.A.S.’s new Aero 20A compact powered line array system incorporates a new D.A.S. 12in. loudspeaker and is powered by an advanced electronics package comprising a compact Class D amplifier that combines the power supply, output stage and connectors in a single, lightweight chassis. DASnet capable (which allows for remote monitoring and control) and featuring a two-channel (800W and 400W) amplifier, the Aero 20A is constructed using birch plywood and is finished with ISO-flex coating. Two individual aluminum assemblies comprise the high-frequency waveguide, and a carrier for the 12in. woofer is attached to the front of the cabinet. An aluminum heat sink housing the amplifier and related electronics is attached to the rear of the cabinet. A new captive rigging mechanism has been designed to provide enhanced ease-of-use, allowing angle selection to be made while stacked on the transport dolly. A locking system can be triggered to secure angles between adjacent enclosures during the stacking and lifting procedures. Safe rigging and precise aiming is achieved thanks to the AX rigging system and the low-profile fly-bar that reduces the space needed between the upper rigging point and the top of the array.

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