ElektraLite SLA Retina

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ElektraLite SLA Retina

Despite its small size, elektraLite’s compact and lightweight new SLA Retina is hardworking, professional-grade mini LED lighting fixture ideal for every designers’ toolbox. The hexagonal design of the SLA Retina allows it to be locked in multiple formats to create an array, including straight line, hexagonal, or triangular shapes. Using them in these formats gives the designer numerous options in terms of flexibility and coverage. And flickerfree on-camera performance makes them ideal for television and film studio applications.

Durable thanks to its rugged black aluminum chassis with a rigid flat steel yoke and corrosion-resistant hardware, the tiny-yet-mighty elektraLite SLA Retina is rated for outdoor use with its IP65 rating. The fixture additionally features IP68 cable connectivity and a UV-standardized cable for reliable rain-or-shine operation in even the most punishing environments.

Originally designed as a “Show Lighting Accent” (SLA) fixture, the elektraLiteSLA Retina is purposefully lightweight (1.3 lbs / 0.6 kgs) and small in size to be hidden in corners, coves, set pieces, scenery, and in portable stage applications. And because the fixture is outdoor- rated, it’s ideal for placement in planters, rooftops, eaves, holiday displays, and every other imaginable application where low-power (55W), high-output lighting and control is necessary.

The mini LED fixture comes standard with two individual yoke arms, which allow the fixture to be hung from above, permanently mounted to a surface, or placed on the ground. The height of the yoke stands may be individually adjusted for maximum flexibility. An optional flush ceiling ring adapter is also available for mounting the fixture in a hard ceiling as well as optional barn doors.

Already now shipping, elektraLite’s new SLA Retina (ELE821) carries a US list price of $249.00. For more details on the product, visit www.myelektralite.com



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