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FSA Muse 118FSA and Muse 118FSA and Muse 118FSCA and Mitus 118FSCA Subwoofers

Reversible flyable and preconfigured subwoofers

The Muse 118FSA and Muse 118FSA are true reversible flyable subwoofers. The FSA subwoofers are a hybrid loaded 18in. neodymium subwoofer designed to suspend from the Muse or Mitus flybar either facing forward or rearward. When flown facing rearward, the sub’s user removable grille can be moved by the user to the new “front” of the enclosure and the amplifier module can be moved to the new ‘rear’ of the enclosure, thus obtaining aesthetic consistency when flown with additional forward facing subwoofer. Thus, when creating a cardioid sub package, no additional hardware is needed to easily achieve sleek visual continuity. The model Muse 118FSCA and Mitus 118FSCA is already factory preconfigured as rear facing for cardioid applications.
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