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HRT Huddle Hub One

HRT’s Huddle Hub One is designed to supplement current AV technologies in order to enhance the user experience. Placed in a room used for conferencing, Huddle Hub One connects the local participants’ laptops and mobile devices — up to six of them. Huddle Hub One receives a video stream from each camera and combines these into a single stream. It then sends this combined stream to any standard communication software running on the videoconference host computer, which receives this stream as if coming from a single webcam. At the same time Huddle Hub One mirrors the screen of the videoconference host computer to the screen of the laptops and mobile devices. The result is that the participants in the huddle room take part in the videoconference as if they were individually connected to it, and instead of squeezing themselves together to fit into the frame of a camera they can comfortably sit anywhere in the room.

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