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IHSE designed the new

Draco OPS+ KVM

to support the growing number of digital signage and command-and-control installers implementing displays equipped with Intel’s open pluggable specification (OPS+). (Intel created OPS+ to help standardize the design and development of UHD displays and media players). IHSE based the product on their Draco Ultra DisplayPort CON extender and incorporated display components (video and USB-HID) for KVM. (Fraunhofer ISS lightweight image coding technology (Lici) supports image quality). IHSE utilized Intel’s Arria processor and a simplified architecture to support the cost-effective OPS+. With its pluggable slot design, OPS+ supports security features without additional power requirements. Further, IHSE has repackaged the Draco ultra console (CON) extender to fit the OPS+ slot.

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