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These awards recognize outstanding products exhibited at the 2015 InfoComm Show.

These awards recognize outstanding products exhibited at the 2015 InfoComm Show. Winners were selected from more than 200 submitted entries by a panel of professional users and editors, who demoed and/or viewed the entries on the show floor. Judges evaluated the products against a set of criteria including ease of use; ease of installation; sound/picture/performance quality; richness and relevance of feature set; network friendliness; versatility; value/ROI; and anticipated reliability. Congratulations to all the designers, engineers, and decision-makers involved with these products.

Adder Technology // AdderLink Infinity Manager (A.I.M.)

This versatile control server transforms AdderLink Infinity extenders into a flexible and powerful digital matrix solution. The judges were impressed with its “remarkable feature set” and “intuitive user interface,” calling this system “a key enterprise component.” Using any standard IP-based infrastructure, A.I.M. enables users to instantaneously route their workstation to any computer or device on the network without compromising video quality or control. The multi-lingual interface can be accessed and managed through a web-based browser, providing administrators with real time control and overview of both system connections and users. A new hardware platform offers increased power; a new design ensures that two devices can be rackmounted back to back within 1RU of 19in. rack space.

Alcorn McBride // A/V Binloop Uncompressed

Alcorn McBride engineering has served the industry faithfully for decades, often with products that no one else made. Once again, the company has uniquely stepped up to deliver two channels of solid-state 4:4:4 10-bit 60fps 4K 4096×2160 (or up to eights channels of 2K 2048×1080). Channels can play independently or be grouped in any combination of audio and video for frame-accurate synchronous playback. The A/V Binloop can source a single show or scale with multiples to any size of show or attraction. From the judges: “A classic market-driven product from a company that sets the standard in solid-state for AV.”

AMX by HARMAN // Enova DVX-3255HD

Judges found this all-in-one presentation switcher to be a “feature-rich option for handling media routing and control in the conference room or lecture hall.” At the top of the Enova DVX family, it adds two DXLink distance transport inputs, for a total of four, to better support remote sources. Included NetLinx Integrated Controller technology provides a scalable platform, combining high performance, backward compatibility, and network security features. Built-in SmartScale technology scales video individually for each connected display. AMX InstaGate Pro technology handles HDCP; the compact 3RU presentation switcher integrates a variety of different functionality including a scaler, A-D converter, twisted pair transmitter, and amplifier with built-in DSP.

Audinate // Dante Via

This software app unleashes the full power of Dante beyond the dedicated Dante network, bringing Dante networking to thousands of readily available products, noted the judges. It connects USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt audio devices and audio applications to a Dante network as well as to one another. Dante Via lets engineers convert local devices into shared network resources, allowing these products to be used over much greater distances and in new combinations. Dante Via isolates and routes audio from applications, allowing it to be streamed to any device on a Dante network—perfect for background music, recorded announcements, and presentations. Application audio may also be sent to local devices and even to other applications for processing, recording, and playout.

Aurora Multimedia // IPX-TCW3

This AV distribution wallplate is the world’s first 4K2K in-wall transceiver with zero compression and zero latency. Made in the USA and engineered using Aurora’s IPBaseT technology, the three-gang in-wall transceiver eliminates the need for a respective transmitter (encoder) and receiver (decoder); it allows integrators to set up the component as either a functional transmitter (input) or a receiver (output). It uniquely features an option slot for additional IP-based capabilities such as USB transfer via ExtremeUSB (USB 2.0 over IP), in addition to Dante audio. From the judges: “This bleeding-edge wall-plate offers zero latency, zero compression, and Dante, HDMI, and USB-over-IP connectivity for audio, video, data, and control; perfect for comprehensively future-proofed AV facilities.”

BenQ America // DH551F Dual-sided Digital Signage Panel

This ultra-thin (25mm) LED DH551F digital panel is specifically designed to replace traditional lightbox ads for indoor or semioutdoor applications. It’s designed for 50,000 continuous hours of full HD on both sides of the 55in. display at 3000:1 contrast ratio, with 6.5-millisecond G-to-G response time, and 700 nits of lighting power. Judges were impressed with its unique mounting options. Suitable for portrait or landscape mode, it is compatible with BenQ’s new wire-type ceiling mounts, allowing the dual-sided screen to hang directly from midair. The panel can also be seamlessly attached to wallmounts in order to show content directly above passing viewers. With a new stand mount users can easily roll the dual-sided screen to any specified viewing area.

Black Box // DCX3000 Matrix Digital KVM Switch

The small form-factor, 30-port KVM matrix provides a digital upgrade for smaller control rooms and workgroups, with zero latency and zero compression. Judges were impressed with its potential for smaller organizations that need to upgrade to digital KVM signal switching and extension; it reaches 30 endpoints over Cat-X cable—up to 30ft. (10 meters) from the workstation to the KVM switch and up to 160ft. (50 meters) from the switch to the CPU. The simple GUI uses intuitive icons and gives multiple users access to the same systems in realtime for monitoring and controlling processes.

Cambridge Sound Management // Qt Conference Room Edition

This is a cost-effective solution to protect the speech privacy of confidential or sensitive conversations taking place in office conference rooms or executive boardrooms. It uses directfield sound masking, which powers a series of sound-masking emitters placed outside of the conference room, reducing the ability of those outside to overhear those conversations. Barely noticeable, the sound masking sounds like light air flow to occupants of the office, with added sound optimized to cover human voices. Judges identified it as easy to use, install, and monitor. “It gives integrators a unique opportunity to solve acoustical privacy problems.”

Christie Digital Systems USA // FHQ981-L

The Christie FHQ981-L is a 120Hz, 98in. LCD panel featuring quad HD resolution (3840×2160). Supports 24/7 operation, multi-window dual or quad display options, built-in 10W speakers, and an OPS slot. Judges pegged it as an easily deployable and affordable high-definition display solution for business, education, and houses of worship markets. With the ability to replace an array of four 46in. panels, it is well-suited for smaller digital signage applications, bringing affordable 120Hz quad HD resolution and built-in 10W speakers to those settings.

Crestron // HD Streaming Transmitter/Receiver (DM-TXRX-100-STR)

This “excellent complement” to the Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) series brings H.264 streaming (HD 1080p up to 25Mbps with AAC audio) to enterprise-wide distribution over a wired or wireless IP network. Streaming expands the capabilities of a DM system to remove all distance limitations and facilitate distribution to virtually any device—anywhere in the world. Configurable as either a standalone transmitter or receiver, it transports all video, audio, control, and power signals through a single PoE LAN connection, perfect for applications where new or dedicated wiring can’t be installed. The encoded video and audio can be transmitted or received as independent RTP streams or encapsulated in an MPEG-TS (MPEG-2 transport stream) container.

Crestron // Digital Graphics Engine 150 (DGE-150)

Judges saw this as a “superb, simple solution” for those looking for a low-cost, easy-to-deploy multi-format video processor for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. It offers high-performance streaming, HDMI connectivity, display control, and integration with Crestron Fusion enterprise management software via a LAN port for room monitoring, management, and scheduling, as well as support for long-distance wired presentation via HDBaseT. Customized onscreen graphics and messaging are available, along with a range of slick customizable features for user and IT department management and analytics. HDMI I/O allows easy integration with Crestron AirMedia (AM-100) for wireless presentation capability from smart devices, and also allows larger devices in the room to be fully optimized and interactive.

D-Tools // SI 2015 with Mobile Install

This estimation, system design, and project management software received improvements in virtually every functional area including data and project management, QuickBooks and third-party integrations, mobile connectivity, as well as a major upgrade in the software’s drawing capabilities and speed. A key enhancement is the new Mobile Install feature. Building on D-Tools’ Cloud infrastructure, it gives users the power to publish Install Tasks and Service Orders to a portal accessible from any smartphone or tablet, as well as to send and receive device-level notifications. Users can also schedule installs and make updates to a centralized, automatically synchronized calendar then broadcast appointments and changes to their team in realtime. From the judges: “D-Tools continues to raise the bar in supporting small and medium-sized integrators in maximizing productivity.”

Da-Lite // Parallax UST 0.45

Parallax is an ambient light-rejecting technology that features a micro-layered optical lens system that rejects light. This new technology mimics the look of a television when it is on and when it is off, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures. The surface can uniquely be used with an ultra-short-throw projector mounted below the screen; it’s flexible, ships in a roll, and is easy to install. How it works: Each layer of Parallax plays a role in preserving the image that is reflected back to the viewer in high ambient light environments. Some layers absorb light while one special layer is shaped like a microscopic saw-tooth that blocks light from above. “An impressive image in less-than-optimum lighting situations,” observed the judges.

Digital Projection International // INSIGHT 4K LASER

A bright, 4096×2160 resolution 4K-projection solution for venues where image detail and image stability, as well as uniformity across multiple screens, are critical. In environments where the projector will be installed in hard-to-reach locations, the limited maintenance of the INSIGHT 4K LASER display will save both time and costs. No lamps to replace with 20,000-plus hours of laser illumination. “That’s a decade,” noted the judges. In addition to image and lamp life, judges noted the range of tilt and pitch positions and the light weight for easy install.

Draper // Optically Seamless TecVision

Using Draper’s unique and cost-effective Optically Seamless technology, TecVision viewing surfaces can now be up to 23ft. high x 69ft. wide. The fused substrate is not visible—even when the screen is not under projection, and it is significantly stronger than traditional “tear” seams. Being able to provide any TecVision gain formulation in these large Optically Seamless sizes means that the screen will be formulated to deal with exactly the issues present in each environment. Often this allows projectors to be employed as an alternative to flatpanels, one factor that made this a judges’ top pick.

DVIGear // DisplayNet: DN-100 Series HDMI 10GbE Transmitter/Receiver

This new platform for AV distribution uses proven 10GbE technology to switch, extend, and distribute uncompressed AV signals in realtime with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). By leveraging 10GbE Ethernet technology, DisplayNet bases its scalability, versatility, and reliability on two things: the enormous installed base of 10GbE hardware used in IT / data center applications and the availability of off-the-shelf 10GbE network switches. Judges responded to this new paradigm for AV system integration and the way it integrates with established IT systems and practices. And they liked the auto-configuration features. “The system array is limited only by the number of installed endpoints and size (ports) of 10GbE switch, and supports diverse range of applications.”

Epson America // PowerLite Pro G6970WU

From the judges: “This is a premium, 6000 lumens video projector in a great form factor at a very affordable price point.” WUXGA performance with full HD support; 3LCD, 3-chip technology; 6,000 lumens of color brightness and 6,000 lumens of white light brightness. Installation is supported with six optional lenses, built-in edge blending, 360-degree projection, and projector setting tools. The projector is also equipped with Multi-PC Projection with Moderator; users can wirelessly connect up to 50 devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, and share from up to four devices simultaneously.

EvertzAV // MMA10G-HUB In Room AV Switch

This powerful HDMI router is the latest product addition to Evertz’ MMA-10G network-based AV distribution series. The in-room audio and video switcher leverages Evertz’ award-winning SDVN Software Defined Video Networking technology. By offering multiple HDMI, SDI, and audio inputs and outputs in a compact 2RU form factor, the HUB can solve in-room switching requirements. Multiple HUBs can be connected together across the facility. From the judges: “The rich feature set includes auto device recognition and very user-friendly control and configuration software.”

Focusrite // RedNet MP8R

This is an 8-channel remote-controlled microphone preamplifier and A/D for the Dante audio-over-IP network. From the judges: “A versatile option for expanding distributed Dante networks using top-grade mic preamps with a bonus feature being redundant power supplies.” Dual Ethernet ports with locking etherCON connectors are provided, with several operating modes including daisy-chaining and redundancy confirmed by front-panel indicators. The preamps in the MP8R offer an increased maximum input level of 28dBu, plus a 20dB pad, high-pass filter, polarity inversion, and phantom power. Each preamp has a dual input impedance of 10k or 2.4k ohms, allowing flexibility when running multiple mic pres in parallel.

FSR // DV-MFMV-74 DV PRO MultiVU Seven-input Multi-format Windowing Scaler

This 7×1 seamless switcher with windowing capabilities offers maximum functionality from a tiny footprint. The 1RU high, 19in.-wide rackmountable unit fits into standard enclosures effortlessly. Four HDMI, two DisplayPort, and one VGA/RGB/YPbPr input and one HDMI output support resolutions up to 4Kx2K, allowing the presenter to show up to four of the inputs on the same screen simultaneously in a single, dual, triple, or quad-screen layout. Each source is automatically scaled to match the optimal output resolution, with seamless rapid switching between any input. Integrated with FSR’s HuddleVU FLEX Collaboration Systems it provides up to seven users/inputs and addes windowing capabilities. “This unit has just the right balance of flexibility and ease of operation,” noted the judges.

IHSE USA // 480 XV KVM Matrix

This is the XV (eXtreme Velocity) fiber-optic version of the Draco Compact matrix supporting video resolutions up to 4K. Offered in eight-port, 16-port, 32-port, and 48-port models in a 1RU frame, and 64 ports and 80 ports in a 2RU frame. The 480 XV supports the Draco vario extenders for 4K DisplayPort as well as Dual-Link DVI and HDMI extender models. Auxiliary bidirectional data transports for digital audio, analog audio, USB 2.0, and RS-232 can also be transported over the same fiber interconnects between the matrix and extenders. Judges singled out the IHSE’s Flex-port technology as a huge timesavings for system installers who normally have to preconfigure ports to specific I/O requirements.

Kramer Electronics USA // K-Touch V3.0

From the judges: “This completely cloud-based solution is device-agnostic and does not require installation or manufacturer training. Enables integrators to add value by keeping the GUI simple for the end-user, make changes remotely, and give some control back to the client, while maintaining ultimate control of the system and relationship. A true paradigm shift for modern cloud-based and BYOD environment.” The K-Touch approach to AV control is unique, integrating any commercially available iOS or Android touch device as the user interface. The need to purchase dedicated hardware is eliminated. The K-Touch can run on any web browser with no installation required. Editing, modifying, and supporting existing installations can all be done over the Internet. Highly scalable, it allows a system to grow through drag and drop.

LG Electronics // VH7B Direct Backlit LED Display

Judges called this “a huge breakthrough in bezel thickness, reducing the pixel-to-pixel bezel size down to just 1.8mm, making LCD display videowalls much closer to seamless.” This series is available in three sizes (49in., 55in., and 65in.) and features In Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which supports color saturation and contrast regardless of the viewing angle. The VH7B series can connect with other displays to create a powerful and impactful image for an immersive experience. Includes LG’s webOS for Signage platform, which takes advantage of the built-in high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) that eliminates the need for an external media player.

Mackie // DL32R with Dante

Imagine controlling 32-channels of digital mixing wirelessly from your iPad. The DL32R has convenient 32×32 direct-to-drive multi-track recording/playback and an ultra-compact 3RU design that lets you ditch the snake once and for all. Delivers DSP on each of the 32 Onyx+ mic pres and 28 busses. Master Fader makes it easyto drive, and the optional DL Dante expansion card provides 32×32 channels of network audio I/O, allowing the DL32R to be connected to any Dante-powered AV network. It’s a self-contained recording rig, with 32×32 direct-to-disk recording. You also get redundancy, with separate multi-track recording to Mac/PC via Dante Virtual Soundcard. From the judges: “Already a truly unique mixing product melding consumer GUI and pro-grade I/O, now Dante compatibility assures installers that this Mackie mixer will play well with others.”

Martin Audio // CDD Series

Replacing the Martin AQ, this is a major new, dedicated installation loudspeaker range, combining distinctive curved fiber composite enclosures with Martin’s Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology. The judges noticed the detailed and consistent coverage pattern (including at close range), which can be leveraged to reduce box count and resulting installation and maintenance costs. From the judges: “Martin Audio invests in a very attractive, increasing trend: coaxial speaker technology in live sound. The CDD Series is truly world-class installation sound reinforcement.”

Matrox Graphics // Mura IPX Series

This new line of 4K H.264 capture and IP encode/decode PCI Express boards are designed for flexible multi-stream density at low bit rate, allowing OEMs and system builders to deliver advanced capabilities on their network-based videowall controllers. Ideal for high-density capture, encoding, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying, and control; uses a single PCIe card to simplify integration and reduce installation costs. Mura IPX hardware—combined with APIs, development- grade libraries, and Matrox MuraControl videowall management software—provide essential building blocks to deploy advanced videowall controllers. From the judges: “A flexible platform with great performance for extended desktop and videowall applications.”

Middle Atlantic Products // DisplayStation Carts, Stands & Monitor Walls

This new collection of aluminum-finish carts, stands, and monitor walls is application-engineered for easy integration. A support channel featuring an integrated power strip and convenient cable management system “set DisplayStation apart” according to judges. Ideal for simple video teleconferencing, presentation and digital signage, surveillance, and monitoring, the series is UL-listed for multi-use environments including public, educational, and institutional spaces. Available with casters, levelers, or steel plate, and adjustable to a variety of orientations and mountings.

NEC Display Solutions of America // NP-PH1202HL

This new laser phosphor (blue/yellow) projector claims more consistent brightness, improved color fidelity, tilt-free or portrait modes, and interchangeable bayonet lenses, which all translates to new verticals such as retail, simulation, and theme park installations. The numbers: full native HD 1080p, 3-chip DLP, 12,000 lumens of brightness, 2000:1 and 10,000:1 contrast ratios, and HDMI DisplayPort and HDBaseT I/O. The projector features an adjustable light source, seamless edge-blending capabilities, as well as stacking capabilities. Operates 24/7 virtually maintenance-free. An OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) option slot offers input flexibility for HD/SD-SDI and OPS accessory cards. From the judges: “Very impressive image, applicable to large venue. Takes laser phosphor technology to the next level.”

Panamax // SM3-Pro

Measuring only 10”x7”x 1.75”, this compact, BlueBOLT-enabled device mounts behind a flatpanel display, next to a projector, or inside a structured wiring cabinet. Along with power protection and filtering, the SM3-Pro gives integrators the ability to perform remote hard reboots, monitor energy usage and network status, program scheduled on/off commands to reduce energy consumption, and create custom triggers for on/off, reboots, and alerts for environmental conditions based on sensor input. It’s a highly effective toolset to reduce service calls and increase system effectiveness, especially for networked electronics. From the judges: “Remote AC control and monitoring is increasingly important and this unit delivers the right features along with network extension.”

Planar Systems // DirectLight LED Video Wall System

This is a family of seamless, ultra-fine pitch, direct-view LED videowalls, incorporating design principles gained from Planar’s decades of successful videowall installations; they’re ideal for demanding control room and digital signage applications, providing a uniform and seamless canvas of nearly any size or shape; blacks benefit from Planar’s MicroGrid Shader. The walls feature a unique off-board distributed architecture that removes heat, complexity, and potential points of failure from behind the videowall and conveniently co-locates them with other rackmounted equipment for improved accessibility. A long list of features support performance, installation, and monitoring. Judges singled out the Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall Calculator, which helps to assist in the sale by providing a simulated representation of the videowall along with important product specifications for the videowall design.

Premier Mounts // Symmetry Series

This easy-to-use configurable flatpanel mounting solution was designed for installation efficiency and multi-site deployments. The display interface consists of two main components: an interface bar and sets of display brackets. Six-point (x, y, and z-axis) adjustments are accessible from the top of each display bracket, and the display brackets click in place on the interface bar for quick and easy installation. The Symmetry Series can work with minimal accessories to mount digital signage to the wall, stand, or cart, or suspend from the ceiling. From the judges: “This series can radically reduce the time needed to deploy menu boards or videowalls by simplifying the installation using modular rails.”

QSC Audio Products // Q-SYS Core 110f

This audio processing device is built on Intel-based technologies and Linux OS, part of QSC’s long-running strategy to connect to the needs of IT pros. The Q-SYS platform is fundamentally a software program employing standard Layer 3 protocols for seamless audio transport and control, and easy integration with IT systems such as LDAP, SNMP, and SIP soft phones. The new Core delivers software-based implementation of DSP in flexible hardware deployment; a key feature is the 24 Flex I/O + USB, POTS, and VoIP housed simultaneously in a single rack space and one SKU—the best cost to I/O ratio in a single-chassis product available on the market. The judges praised the versatility delivered by the Flex I/O channels, GPIO, and the configurable network ports.

Renkus-Heinz // ICONYX GEN5

Renkus takes its steerable sound leadership to the next level. With direct TCP/IP control using industry-standard communications protocols, ICONYX GEN5 claims a more than 200 percent increase in speed of operations. New UniBeam technology and algorithms provide an additional 3-6dB of output potential. New Master and Slave modules reduce cost and complexity. GEN5 also introduces the new IC16-8-RN hybrid column, designed to extend length and LF beam control while using a single 8-channel amplifier to keep costs down. From the judges: “Impeccable live sound via innovative proprietary technology, and the results of beam steering technology are truly impressive.”

RGB Spectrum // MediaWall V Display Processor

This new 4K UHD videowall processor with synchronized realtime 4K resolution I/O, single-wire connectivity, and scalable “drag-and-drop” windows also benefits from integrated IP capabilities, auxiliary outputs, and a user-friendly GUI. Envisioned by RGB not as a wall of monitors but a continuous multi-screen surface upon which to display graphics and video, it supports up to 36 direct inputs and up to 28 outputs across any 4K or HD videowall surface; it’s compatible with HDCP sources, IP cameras and other H.264 streams, and Windows applications. RGB’s years of experience with mission-critical walls shows through in its architecture (isolating streams), attention to security, and next-gen user interface and monitoring/management.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America // 120in Class 4K Ultra-high-definition Commercial LCD Display

In collaboration with Sakai Display Products Corporation (SDP), Sharp pushes a new boundary in big 4K Ultra HD resolution (3,840×2,160) displays. Its direct-lit LED backlighting delivers natural, vibrant picture quality and uniform brightness at a distance and 4K UHD clarity for close viewing. From the judges: “Massive image size and Sharp quality UHD images offer a powerful and flexible alternative to projectors, which makes a much closer viewing distance available to the audience.”

Shure // MOTIV Digital Microphone Product Line

Shure focuses on realtime mobile with this ingenious product line, addressing the need for better audio quality to match improving mobile video quality. In addition to supporting BYOD, this line also addresses the increased demand for live and on-demand video in government and enterprise—where audio is lagging. MOTIV’s convenient plug-and-play, portable devices feature intuitive controls and smart technology, and far exceed standard CD audio performance at 24-bit/48 kHz. The line includes a range of condensers, the MVi digital audio interface, and the ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording app. Supporting form factors including Lightning connectors, tripod or desk mount, and lavalier, this well-thought-out and attractive range was a top pick with judges. “Strongly extending Shure’s microphone quality and reputation into the mobile device market. A great way for AV integrators to help their clients with realtime, on-the-go audio and video capture in every environment.”

SiliconCore // Lavender 1.2mm LED

SiliconCore has a unique place in the LED market—it came in as a chipmaker, uniquely deploying common cathode rather than common anode in its LED drivers, and continuing to develop technology at the component level. The new Lavender 1.2mm-pixel-pitch display extends the benefits of LED to new markets for close proximity and direct-view applications, making full HD resolution available at just 110in. The Lavender scales to any size or shape of application with no seams and 16-Greyscale, a refresh rate of more than 1,900Hz, frame rates of up to 120 frames per second, and a brightness of 2000 nits. The off-axis viewing angle is ultra wide at 160 degrees. The Lavender also addresses moiré with specialized circuitry and driver chip design. Heat, energy use, and footprint are also addressed at the chip design level. Judges thought Lavender “showed real promise in competing with flatpanels and projectors for indoor display. “

Sony Electronics // SRG-300SE

From the judges: “Sony’s first live IP streaming PTZ camera is simple to install for live streaming, or recording for on-demand viewing.” With many of the same features found in Sony’s popular SRG-300H and with the 1 / 2.8 Exmor CMOS onboard, it’s full HD, strong in low light, easy-to-use, and affordable. The ability to live stream or record for on-demand viewing is an essential capability. Embedded H.264 audio is synced in the viewer software via the time-date stamp for minimal noticeable delay. The 300SE is compatible with both QuickTime and VLC media players for IP streaming, both of which can be downloaded for free. It can be ceiling or desktop mounted and is available in a black or white housing

Sony Electronics // VPL-FHZ65 laser projector

Reflecting the judges overall bullishness on laser projectors, this latest addition to Sony’s growing line of Z-Phosphor laser light source projectors made the cut. The 6,000-lumen 3LCD laser model hits the midrange between the 4,000-lumen VPL-FHZ55, widely used in smaller rooms, and the 7,000-lumen VPL-FHZ700L, designed for larger venue commercial spaces in education, corporate, government, and museum applications. The new VPL-FHZ65 WUXGA (1920×1200) uses BrightEra panel technology to reproduce natural and vivid color and includes new quality features such as Reality Creation and Contrast Enhancer, which come over from Sony home theater. These processing options—as well as lens performance and options—allow integrators to tailor and maximize performance to a given installation.

Stewart Filmscreen // LuminEsse ‘Edgeless’ Fixed Frame Wall Screen

The judges found this to be “an elegant, great looking front-projection solution for the corporate screening room, living room, or home theater environment, anywhere aesthetics matter.” It’s a rigid front-projection, fixed-frame wall screen system ideal for ultra-short-throw applications, with a flat slender bezel that eliminates onscreen shadow effects. The 3/8in. ‘edgeless’ bezel design of LuminEsse delivers a “floating image” experience when the screen is in use and a subtle art piece effect when it’s not. LuminEsse can be configured with nearly all of Stewart Filmscreen’s 4K+ rated front-projection materials, including FireHawk G4, GrayHawk RS G4, StudioTek 130 G3, and more. It is also available in custom aspect ratios and images sizes up to 143in. (wide).

Symetrix // SymNet Radius 12×8 EX

This new incarnation of the popular Dante-friendly SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP adds an I/O expansion slot, making it possible to take the total audio input/output count to 24 within the same 1RU format (the slot supports all standard optional SymNet audio I/O cards, including analog, digital, AEC, VoIP, and telephone). Like the Radius 12×8 unit it directly replaces, EX has what the judges called a “feature-packed” specification that includes a 64×64-channel Dante network audio bus and built-in GPIO, and RS-232 and ARC wall-panel support offerings for control, as well as Symetrix’ ARC-WEB browser-based user-interface, which runs from an embedded web server inside the DSP. Existing users can use a dedicated Migration Tool to convert their files. Through SymNet Composer, EX is interoperable with select third-party Dante devices from Shure, Audio-Technica, Attero Tech, and Stewart Audio.

Vaddio // RoboSHOT 12 USB

This new USB camera from Vaddio is suited for small- to medium-sized rooms, conference rooms, or classrooms; it can be powered and controlled remotely through an internal webpage via PoE+ port, and a built-in web server appeals to those who desire anywhere, anytime control. By typing the IP address into a web browser, users can see the live video stream and control the camera functions, a feature that has sparked interest among remote managers, network operators, and others in IT control. An HD PTZ with USB 3.0 streaming, it comes with an HDMI video output and a 12X optical zoom with a 73-degree-wide horizontal field of view. Judges responded to both the PoE and Vaddio’s Tri-Synchronous Motion technology, which allows all three axis of the camera (pan, tilt, and zoom) to move simultaneously for smooth, natural camera motion.

wePresent // WIPG-2000s

This powerful line of wireless presentation systems now includes this new model with support for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi, 300Mbps Wi-Fi speeds, an internal processor capable of full iOS mirroring with Apple’s AirPlay, auto-detection for output resolution, a new streamlined start menu, and easier traversal of subnets within the same network. As with all wePresent models, the new WiPG-2000s model is cross-platform compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1), Mac OSX (10.7 and later), Android, and iOS. The uniquely built-in media player provides a noticeable level of quality, according to our judges, who also pegged the approach to connectivity for up to 64 users.

Yamaha Corporation of America, Professional Audio Division // Rivage PM10 Digital Audio Console

The new Yamaha flagship inherits features from the renowned PM series consoles, setting a new milestone. The PM10 system includes the CS-R10 control surface, DSP-R10 DSP engine, RPio622 I/O rack, three types of RY cards, and two types of HY cards, providing the flexibility to configure and ideally match the scale and functional requirements of any application. Hybrid microphone preamplifiers are newly developed, as is the analog section, both in terms of components and overall design. Rupert Neve Designs (RND) transformer circuitry and acclaimed SILK processing have been created using Yamaha’s VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology. Channel EQ and dynamics are significantly upgraded with three newly developed algorithms plus the classic Yamaha “Legacy” algorithm. Judges said the surface and system to be everything would expect from a Yamaha interface with “notable refinements.”

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