Liberty Wire & Cable Introduces Products for Solving Digital Installation Challenges

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Liberty Wire & Cable Introduces Products for Solving Digital Installation Challenges

Dec 1, 2005 8:00 AM

Liberty Wire & Cable has introduced several new and expanded families of problem-solving products and solutions.

These include the new ConnecTec termination system, the industry's most complete coaxial termination solution; the new DigitaLinx family of digital linkage and extenders; new quick-connect EZLINX products for cabling challenges that require installation through conduit; and new installer-friendly software programs for Liberty's PanelCrafters division.

Liberty's ConnecTec termination system now includes an extensive line of advanced, engineered BNC, F, and RCA coaxial connectors in more than 60 styles, a new ergonomically designed crimp tool, and a pair of coaxial strippers—all housed in a specially designed installation case that's durable and compact. The new 360-degree ConnecTec BNC, F, and RCA radial-crimp connectors fit RG59, RG6 and RG6 Quad cables, as well as BNC and RCA cables for 25- and 26-gauge RGB mini coaxials.

The new DigitaLinx family of solutions consists of a comprehensive line of digital repeaters, distribution amplifiers, switchers, fiber-optic extenders, and DVI and HDMI cables that connect local area, wide area, and interlinked AV environments. Key components include an HDMI repeater that extends the length of any HDMI or DVI cable by regenerating the digital signal before it outputs to a compatible monitor or projector, a distribution amplifier that allows one digital HDMI or DVI video or computer source to be split into five HDMI displays, an HDMI switcher that allows four digital AV sources to share one video display, and an HDMI/DVI fiber-optic cable that lets a digital HDMI- or DVI-equipped display be up to 330ft. from its video and audio sources.

Several new quick-connect EZLINX products eliminate labor-intensive soldering for cabling challenges that require installation through conduit. The products include three new audio termination options—EZLINX 6 XLR plugs, EZLINX 6 XLR jacks, and EZLINX 6 1/4in. stereo plugs—designed to mate with EZLINX bulk cable, creating a quick 6-channel audio snake cable for rental and staging applications; several new EZLINX panel-mount connectors, to facilitate routing EZLINX systems through wall plates, racks, and panels; and EZLINX plenum bulk cable, available with a CL2P/CMP rating in standard lengths.

New software applications—including CADBlox, CADQuote, V-Series, and WebBlox—were developed for Liberty's PanelCrafters division to allow users to quickly design custom wall plates and panels, convert drawings into detailed specifications and cost quotes, and graphically add connectors into wall plate layouts.

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