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High impact displays make a first impression for corporate installations
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High impact displays make a first impression for corporate installations

For many companies, the choice to use high-impact, public-facing display is driven in part by visual impact and in part by content, sometimes social, even interactive. In this way the lobby display functions both as interior design and as a platform for media communication.

 When UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, designed its new, global corporate campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, they wanted every inch of the campus to telegraph the global brand’s image as a world-class organization. In the main lobby, the goal was “grandeur” which they executed in part with a NanoLumens 2.5mm ENGAGE Series LED display in the main lobby. To find the right display, UFC hired integrator National Technology Associates, where COO H Waldman was looking for a solution that was lightweight, high-impact, and high-reliability.

 Located in the front and center of the campus’ main lobby, the 2.5mm pixel pitch NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch ENGAGE Series measures 12.5 feet x 20 feet, has the ability to play live feeds, and can split into multiple screens, while streaming high-quality sound via built-in audio. The display also goes beyond high definition, with a 2688 x 1536 display resolution. As NanoLumens displays are thin and lightweight, no changes needed to be made to the lobby’s architecture or structure.

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 “The new lobby is the first opportunity that UFC has to present its brand image to every visitor who walks into the building, so it was crucial that this display create an immediate ‘wow’ factor, while also enticing visitors to explore the rest of this incredible facility,” Waldman concludes.

 In a case of walking the talk, longtime Texas-based digital experience company Reflect used high impact displays for themselves when they recently relocated to new offices. Two visually dynamic LED displays using FLEXLite NXG technology from Nashville-based PixelFLEX greet clients as they walk in the front door.

“As we were designing our new facility, we wanted to showcase the innovative technologies we are leading with in the field,” began Chas Thornhill, CTS, Reflect’s Senior Systems Engineer. “Since our previous location didn’t really say a lot about us as a company, we wanted a more modern look and for the space itself to showcase what we do at Reflect. Knowing that the first impression is always very important, we wanted to deploy creative LED experiences in our new lobby and PixelFLEX was a natural choice for us.”

 Thornhill continued, “In the new lobby, we wanted to simulate a store front window because retail is one of our largest vertical markets. To do this, we created a room that is about 5 feet deep by 20 feet wide with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that connects to our lobby.” Inside the room, they built a 2m x 2m LED display made up of 16 FLEXLite NXG tiles. “We rotated three tiles 45 degrees and positioned them in front of the others for a more interesting display. Having the tiles rotated and brought forward gives us three focal points for custom video content, plus we still have the option to utilize the LED screen as one continuous display.”

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 “The FLEXLite NXG 3.9mm technology was perfect for this installation because each cabinet is self-contained with built-in receiving card and power supply, plus we needed front-serviceability and a product that lends itself toward non-standard installations,” explained Thornhill.

 “The FLEXLite NXG line offers cabling flexibility and multiple options for mounting so it doesn’t have to be assembled in the traditional way. And with a maximum brightness of 1500 NITs the display can compete with ambient light in a store front deployment.”

 For added emphasis, Reflect installed an additional four FLEXLite NXG 2.6mm cabinets recessed directly into the front of the reception desk, “In preparation, we had the desk equipped with rear access panels to facilitate mounting and cabling. The desk is a purpose-built piece of furniture designed specifically to deploy the FLEXLite NXG half panels.”

 With the installation complete, Reflect opened the doors to their new headquarters in Richardson, Texas. Thornhill is confident they have achieved their goal of merging the digital and physical worlds through the creative deployment of the FLEXLite NXG displays.

“By using the LED video installations in a non-traditional application, we are demonstrating to our clients that they can deploy state-of-the-art technology in a much more creative way instead of a simple flat field,” concluded Thornhill. “In a digital world, we are competing for the consumer’s visual attention. Creativity and innovation is key. PixelFLEX LED gives us the tools we need to provide innovative solutions to our clients.”

 Another factor in choosing lobby displays is content; for Daimler Trucks North America that content needed to be interactive. The company incorporated a range of Planar displays.

In the lobby, a dramatic L-shaped video wall shows the progression of Daimler trucks in a timeline form, using five 46-inch Planar Clarity Matrix video wall displays. The 46-inch Clarity Matrix LCD video wall also make up a 6 x 3 video wall, in portrait orientation, located adjacent to the lobby elevators, showcasing interactive social media messaging, product content, and wall-to-wall video content. The screens are equipped with Planar ERO (Extended Ruggedness Optics) for extra protection against high traffic.

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For wayfinding, a Planar Helium multitouch monitor is used in the lobby as a building directory for employee and guest wayfinding. On the remaining eight floors, 55-inch interactive employee kiosks featuring a Planar PS Series Touch LCD display for wayfinding along with displaying daily messages, cafeteria menus, and weather and traffic conditions


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