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McCauley Sound Offers Powered Loudspeakers

The iDesign series by McCauley Sound consists of 14 compact installation loudspeaker modules

McCauley Sound Offers Powered Loudspeakers

Sep 6, 2006 12:55 PM

The iDesign series by McCauley Sound consists of 14 compact installation loudspeaker modules, which can be ordered with or without their integrated power and processing units. iDesign offers the designer the unit-by-unit choice of whether to deploy loudspeakers using an integrated power solution or conventional rackmount power and processing configuration.

Sound designers can deploy iDesign modules as stand-alone units or easily build complex system arrays in two-way, three-way, and four-way configurations. iDesign modules are offered across a wide range of coverage patterns, with driver complements scaling from 8in. to 15in. cone drivers. By means of five different interchangeable, rotatable waveguides, installers can orient systems to the horizontal or the vertical, and combine patterns in arrays to build perfect coverage zones. 60×40, 60×60, 60×120, 90×60, and 90×90 waveguides will be available in the initial offering.

“iDesign is choice.” proclaims Jason Farris, vice president of sales and marketing. “This product family offers installers more choice about configuration than any product to precede it. Every module is available with or without integrated power and processing, while every waveguide is rotatable and arrayable, allowing the designer to manage very specific beam-widths in both single systems and in larger arrays. Each module was personally voiced by Tom McCauley to create a ubiquitous, family-wide tonality regardless of the size or scope of the installation. iDesign offers choice, creative freedom to build idealized audio zones—not limitations.”

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