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Revolabs Mics Iberiabank

The executive conference room at the bank's New Orleans office relies on Revolabs.

A 127-year-old subsidiary of Iberiabank Corp., Iberiabank plays host to multiple high-level audio conferencing engagements from its upscale executive conference room in downtown New Orleans. Designed to leverage the latest digital G.711 voice over IP (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, the conference room also needed a way to improve the room’s microphone performance in order to balance participants’ voice tones and volumes. To optimize audio clarity from participants across the room’s 23ft. conference table, Iberiabank called in integration firm Summit Integration Systems (SIS) to implement Revolabs’ Executive Elite wireless microphone system.

“Iberiabank needed a way to customize the microphone’s equalization and volume for each executive,” says Cliff Stromeyer, systems designer at SIS. “We turned to Revolabs’ Executive Elite. Thanks to the new distributed architecture, we could circumvent any space constraints by separating the base unit from the remote antennae while AES-256 encryption provided the robust security that the bank needed to keep every conversation safe.”

To satisfy the room’s space constraints, Executive Elite’s new distributed architecture and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support allowed SIS to place the system’s two remote antennas in the same room as the wireless microphones while stationing the two base units in a separate location 275ft. away. Positioned within the small closet, the antennas were installed entirely out of view while the fully wireless microphones eliminated any possibility of unsightly cables running across the table or the length of the room.


Revolabs Executive Elite

Designed for boardroom and conference room audio solutions, Revolabs Executive Elite wireless microphone systems are available as 4- and 8-channel units that utilize a distributed architecture, which separates the remote antenna receiver unit from the Executive Elite base digital signal-processing (DSP) unit. The remote antenna receiver and base DSP units are connected via a standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE) and enabling simplified distributed or in-room installations. The remote antenna receiver unit can be placed in the room where the wireless microphones are located.

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