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Severtson Screens digi-perf

New digi-perf options are now available for the Severtson Screens folded

SēVision 3D GX

line of cinema projection screens. Digi-perf screens utilize 7.5 percent open space, are available with all coating and gains, are foldable as with all Severtson cinema screens (excluding electric screens), and reduces moire over traditional standard perf screens. Additionally, shipping costs associated with such large packages as these were out of reach for many customers up until recently. Now, SēVision 3D GX screens can be folded and packed into a much smaller crate without any loss in structural integrity or performance abilities. Severtson’s new folded screen process not only reduces international shipping fees, the smaller packaging simplifies delivery to theaters and is more convenient for installers as folded screens are much easier to get into buildings and uncrate than standard long-tube roll packaging, especially when a theater is in a unique structure, such as a high-rise or multi-story theater complex.

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