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AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM.IP is a complete ecosystem of products adhering to the Dante audio-over-IP communications standard. Together, the following components form a complete Dante-enabled communications network.

The IP108-D-CS Announcement Control System (ACS) is the heart of AtlasIED’s next-generation GLOBALCOM.IP enterprise-wide communications management system. It manages the flow of announcements and messages between network endpoints such as digital communication stations, zone controllers, network power amplifiers, IPbased speakers and other types of IP endpoints. Additionally, it serves as a gateway for external I/O devices, VoIP telephone systems and analog audio to be incorporated into the ecosystem.

AtlasIED’s TitanONE T112 smart mainframe power amplifier is a Dante technology audio endpoint. Modular in design, it allows up to seven TitanONE series power amplifier cards to be easily inserted into the mainframe. This offers twelve main channels of amplification, two backup channels for redundancy, and each channel has a complete library of DSP filter options.

Another critical component of the GLOBALCOM.IP platform is AtlasIED’s GCK software application. It supports Audio over Ethernet functionality including Dante to receive and transmit digital audio channels to third-party hardware devices with enhanced intelligibility. The GCK software unifies the hardware and adds advanced control and functionality to VoIP speakers, digital paging stations, message servers, visual alert displays, network power amplifiers, VoIP & SIP devices, legacy analog systems, and other network peripherals.

From the GLOBALCOM.IP 570D-H Dante™ series digital communication stations users initiating audio- and visual-based announcements, messages, and pages through the GLOBALCOM Series Announcement Control Systems.


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