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G&D RemoteAccess-CPU

RemoteAccess-CPU enables virtual machines in KVM installations and provides the ability to operate them remotely. In these times, cloud computing and virtualization processes are increasingly valuable to companies in order to enable hybrid infrastructures. The new G&D modules establish a connection between matrix systems and virtual machines, which can be accessed remotely via network protocols (RDP, VNC and SSH). This way, hybrid systems with real and virtual computer infrastructures can be optimally implemented. Users simply select the desired source from a standardized select menu (target list) on the on-screen display – regardless of whether the computer is available in the server room, via network protocol, or in the cloud. With its integrated thin client functionality, the RemoteAccess-CPU offers users a highly integrative connection setup without having to use a separate thin client. In hybrid systems, the RemoteAccess-CPU acts as a remote gateway to access virtual machines (remote targets). Users can choose between and operate all available virtual machines. With the pooling function, specific remote targets can be combined with one or more RemoteAccess-CPUs to form a remote pool. This means that the selected remote gateways are always exclusively kept free for these targets. As a result, predefined virtual machines remain accessible at all times.

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