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Tech Roundup: Media Streaming 2019

Media streaming is becoming more efficient and available for a wider range of users and applications. Technology and products are rapidly evolving—particularly as more manufacturers move towards AV over IP platforms. Looking ahead, keep an eye on the growing embrace of 4K, and speedier distribution of high-definition content. Here’s a product roundup of a range of networked media streaming products for a range of ecosystems.

media streaming products AMX1. AMX N1134A SDI
This encoder from HARMAN is a video over IP encoding solution that eliminates the need for an SDI-to-HDMI converter and makes it easy to integrate an SDI source into any AMX N1000 Networked AV platform to drive a diversity of media streaming products endpoints. The N1134A streamlines AV setup and allows the N1000 series Minimal Proprietary Compression codec to transport visually lossless SDI video with sub-frame latency to any N1000 decoder. The N1134A encoder also features AES-67 for easy integration with a variety of audio devices. And like the other members of the N1000 family of encoders and decoders, PoE power from a simple Ethernet connection to the local network switch both speeds up installation and eliminates the need for a local power source.

2. ClearOne VIEW Pro
A software upgrade to the ClearOne VIEW Pro media streaming system makes it easier than ever to configure for networked streaming. The system upgrade includes several enhancements, including making a convenient web-based GUI available for installers to access from a web browser. Also, the configuration tools on CONSOLE software have been organized and redesigned for intuitive and simplified set-ups. ClearOne’s VIEW Pro product line offers a comprehensive and powerful suite of AV over IP components. It was designed for low bandwidth consumption and flexible scalability. It’s supported with budget-friendly optional software licenses for a range of media streaming products including video wall, video composition, and local playback. The new features increase ease of installation.

media streaming products Contemporary Research3. Contemporary Research QIP-D IPTV decoder/controller
Contemporary Research media streaming products come out of industry veterans who understand both RF and IP. This integration-friendly IPTV decoder; it’s compatible with unicast or multicast UDP and RTP IPTV streams and will accept MPEG2 or H.264 single program or multiple program transport streams. A key feature is the incorporated display control. The QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controller has an onboard control database of RS-232 protocols for common displays. The display type can be selected in the setup menu. As a result, custom programming is not required for display control when used with Display Express or an ICE-HE-DXL. A channel list of programs is uploaded from a PC running CR Toolbox software, a free universal application designed to connect and update CR products, so channel selection, volume, and power may be controlled from the front panel controls, handheld IR remote, or external control system. The integrated display controller can control power and source selection on the connected display device when used in conjunction with an ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center, Display Express, or a third-party control system. In July, Contemporary Research debuted the QIP-DVX IPTV Decoder/Controller which also supports onboard RS-232 control but adds onboard IR control as well.

4. disguise 2x4pro
Like its flagship 4×4pro, the 2×4pro media server from disguise supports the company’s interchangeable VFC (Video Format Conversion) cards, enabling users to drive up to eight outputs as DVI, 3G-SDI, or two DP1.2 from a single 2×4pro, which can help prepare installs for future needs. The VFC cards give users the flexibility to use mixed signal types and mixed resolutions from the same hardware with low latency. With fewer outputs, the 2x4pro is compact and more affordable. It comes in a rugged 4U chassis built of aluminum and steel. Sturdy and tough, the server can handle a life on the road. The 2x4pro supports the power to fill every pixel with at least two layers of content, pushing color and clarity to the limit. In August disguise released a truly major software update with the release of r16, with support for 10-bit and HDR and Rec2020 pipelines, faster projector calibration and support for AR workflow, as well as what the company describes as “hundreds of performance and workflow improvements.” For those familiar with the software, the new release includes a complete design overhaul of the Cue List. There is also more flexible options for external control systems and a multi-edit function for groups of objects. The release also includes long-requested support for image sequence playback allowing users to play TIFF, TGA and DPX file sequences in either 8 or 10-bit. Support for the new NotchLC codec has also been added. The new release also takes the new OmniCal calibration workflow to a new level, based on field feedback from users.

5. Extron NAV Series
This Extron’s flagship AV over IP platform comprises a suite of media streaming products that can uniquely distribute and switch low latency video, audio, and USB 2.0 signals over either 10G or 1G Ethernet networks or a combination of both. Utilizing Extron’s patented PURE3 codec, NAV delivers video over IP at resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. PURE3’s Intelligent Selective Streaming, ISS, leverages low-motion content to achieve extremely low bitrates while maintaining visually lossless performance. The NAV Series is the only streaming solution designed to offer both 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps encoders and decoders with compatibility across both systems. NAV can also deploy as a high-performance IP-based video and audio matrix, combining the flexibility of an IP-based system with the integration-friendly video and audio switching features found in conventional Extron matrix switchers. Part of the NAV Series, the NAVigator System Manager offers a user-friendly interface for centralized management, configuration, and control of NAV systems for easy setup and configuration, and offers extensive features for monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

6. Green Hippo Hippotizer +
Having been acquired by Spitfire Creative Technologies, which also owns tvONE and Magenta Research, Green Hippo’s Hippotizer + media server range comprises the Amba +, Boreal +, Karst +, Montane +, and Taiga + for realtime video playback, manipulation, and projection mapping. New backup and restore systems allow users to create user and password-protected rental back-up image, enabling a faster turnaround between gigs. The Hippotizer + range also runs Hippotizer V4 software, ensuring interoperability between the two, and enabling new features for the future

7. Haivision Makito X HEVC Rugged Encoder
This military-grade appliance is designed for transporting high-quality, low latency video for situational awareness in the most demanding Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) environments. The Makito X HEVC Rugged features a compact and ruggedized MIL-STD-810G/ DO-160G form factor with MISB-compliant Key-Length-Value (KLV) and cursor-onTarget (CoT) metadata support. Utilized for mission operations on airborne, naval and ground-based platforms, the Makito X HEVC Rugged adheres to MISB and STANAG specifications as well as AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265, SMPTE and MPEG industry standards for downstream interoperability. The Makito X HEVC Rugged can be deployed in extended temperature range environments and is equipped with a proven rugged chassis to ensure reliable connectivity. The Makito X HEVC Rugged is a dual-input appliance with two HEVC and four H.264 encoding engines capable of encoding HD video at up to 1080p60.

8. Kaltura Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS)
This is a specialized cloud video service that enables organizations to build and rapidly deploy any video application, workflow, and experience. With VPaaS, SaaS providers, integrators, in-house teams in large organizations and developers can quickly add video capabilities and easily integrate video as a native data type into existing platforms and workflows by leveraging the Kaltura APIs, SDKs, and developer tools. Kaltura VPaaS is infrastructure-agnostic and is available as a public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment. It provides a comprehensive range of cloud video services and SDKs, and supports all media streaming products, media workflows, and applications. It is a highly flexible and integrated platform designed to enable deep workflow integrations and encourage strong viewer engagement. Users also benefit from having direct access to the Kaltura developer community and global network of certified Kaltura solution providers and tech partners.

9. Matrox Maevex 6120 Leveraging the same capture and real-time encoding technology as the quad 4K encoder,the  Maevex 6120 delivers simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations—all on a standard one Gigabit Ethernet network. This simultaneous capture is unique among media streaming products, and bring versatility to media streaming operations that need to simultaneously use low- and high-res bitrates. Packaged in a plug-and-play form factor, Maevex 6120 features encoding capabilities that can easily feed cloud-based servers to reach internet viewers, push many streams on-premises over the LAN for local audiences, and record to local or network storage for later editing and viewing—all concurrently. The appliance’s ability to also stream multiple resolutions, bitrates, and protocols—including Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)—at the same time, offloads or eliminates cloud transcoding operations and costs for organizations. The included Maevex PowerStream Plus software management tool provides reach and control over the entire Maevex network—including all Maevex 6100 Series 4K enterprise encoders and Maevex 5100 Series Full HD encoders and decoders. At InfoComm Matrox announced that the 6100 series dual- and quad4K encoders would offer HLS, Ipv6, fmP4, and MOV support. The Maevex 6100 series also expanded cloud-service compatibility with simplified connectivity for YouTube, Facebook Live, Wowza, LiveScale and others.

10. NewTek MediaDS
This is a real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery system that merges NewTek’s live production technology with Wowza streaming software in a 1RU footprint. The result is an end-to-end streaming solution that allows producers to launch their own multi-channel content networks from their production site and deliver a live video stream directly to their viewers. For enhanced scalability, producers can also create a virtual CDN or edge network by connecting multiple MediaDS together, either through a local area network, or remotely over IP to cross wide geographic boundaries. MediaDS also allows organizations to extend their brand and exposure beyond actual video content. The system not only acts as a media server, but also will host all required content—including web pages which are independently customizable—for audience viewing, to ensure that the on-screen experience adheres to organizational brand guidelines. Embed codes are also available to insert the Wowza Player into existing webpages to complement your current web presence.

11. SnapAV Binary 900 Series These 4K UHD media over IP transmitters are part of an ecosystem of media streaming products. They can be joined in a system with MoIP Receivers B-900-MOIP4K-RX and one MoIP Controller B-900- MOIP-4K-CTRL to create a highly scalable, flexible IP media distribution system delivering visually lossless 4K UHD (HDR 30Hz and HDCP 2.2 compatible) video and all multichannel formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. Operating on a cost-effective gigabit Layer 2 PoE switch, this setup is fast and simple. Additionally, OvrC remote management allows for quick system setup, easy troubleshooting with access to live screenshots of source streams, and fast, simple firmware updates. MoIP Transmitters also include a selection of audio features that allow dealers to solve issues on every job, including HDMI loop-out, audio injection, audio breakout, and the ability to fix the audio to stereo or 5.1 multichannel. RS-232-over-IP, 2-way IR routing, and custom drivers for popular control systems provide flexibility in system design. Switching of inputs (TX) to outputs (RX) is done through IP commands from a control system sent to the MoIP controller. Out of the box, the system supports three methods for controlling sources and displays: IR, RS-232, and CEC. Two-way IR routing can be configured from any TX to any or all RX(s), reducing the number of IR outputs required from the control system (no dongles needed).

media streaming products sonic foundry12. Sonic Foundry Mediasite
Join automatically records, streams, and manages everything said and shown during a video or web conference so users can refer back to missed meetings, online classes or important discussions. It integrates with leading conferencing services and bridges to record multi-point H.323 calls with synchronized H.239 content. Users can then auto-publish to a video portal, LMS, or content management system. Recorded calls can be stored centrally alongside all other enterprise video — and if smart routing rules are applied, recordings will be automatically uploaded to the Medisite. There are flexible deployment options: the cloud-based Mediasite Join service is ideal for simplified deployment and maintenance, while the on-premises Mediasite Join Appliance is good for client-run installations.

13. tvONE Streaming Media Input Module
This card provides CORIOmaster systems with the ability to bring two network streams up to 1080p 60at 25mbs, as well as local playback of 4K UHD or 2x 1080p60 video files. The Streaming Media Input Module also supports still images with full 4K rendering. And with at least 40mbs of total bandwidth, you can easily provide high-quality content to your video wall and projector edge-blend. Local playback is also supported by an onboard media player with up to 128Gb of SSD storage.

14. Vaddio AV Bridge Mini Ideal for lecture capture, conference rooms and video conferencing applications, and able to bridge a range of media streaming products, the AV Bridge Mini encodes, captures, and streams content from a convenient half-rack unit size. With the AV Bridge Mini HD Audio/Video Encoder, you can bridge any high definition HDMI and audio source into soft conferencing applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom, and WebEx through its USB 3.0 interface. Creating production-quality live streams on platforms like YouTube Live, UStream, LiveStream, and Panopto are easy with t h e A V Bridge Mini’s flexible RTMP capabilities. AV Bridge Mini offers your favorite features of the AV Bridge and AV Bridge Conference with several important updates including integrating pro AV sources or systems into software conferencing codec or live streaming applications, an HDMI input that accepts 4K (3840 x 2160) signals and encodes and scales appropriately, and outputting simultaneous USB 3.0 and IP streaming with up to 1080p quality.

media streaming products visionary solutions15. Visionary Solutions PacketAV Duet
This brings the power of Dante-enabled connectivity to video. It’s a single platform that supports Dante/AES67 and video over IP—integrate 4K UHD video over IP into your Dante-enabled audio network, and bypass the constraints of traditional switch matrix systems by harnessing the flexibility and scalability of converged IP networks. Visionary’s PackeTV and PacketAV products can be deployed on any industry standard IP network. They can be used on existing enterprise IP networks or a physically separate parallel network (private network) to offload traffic, using the same network protocols, methods, and devices but without intermingling of video traffic with data or voice, but with equal ease of installation.

This compact point-to-point/point-to-multipoint HEVC streaming solution provides high video quality and efficient bandwidth compression using VITEC’s second-generation 4:2:2 10-bit HEVC codec (Gen2). Advanced, built-in stream protection guarantees reliable video distribution over any network, including the internet. Powered by VITEC HEVC GEN2+ encoder, MGW Ace Encoder enables users to stream broadcast quality HD/SD video with up to 50 percent bandwidth savings compared to H.264. Additionally, the codec supports Ultra Low Latency (ULL) streaming in HEVC for a glass-to-glass latency down to 65ms. Integrating with any video environment, the MGW Ace Encoder offers a large selection of input including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI, HDMI and Composite video as well as analog and digital audio (embedded and discrete). The on-board hardware scaler can be used for real-time downscaling, cropping and frame-sampling, delivering an optimized video output. A built-in video matrix enables routing of video sources to both the HEVC and H.264 compression cores for simultaneous H.265 and H.264 streaming. Last month VITEC announced the MGW Diamond OG, a 4K/Multichannel HEVC encoder in an openGear (OG) card format. The modular and open-architecture platform from Ross Video makes for easy integration within facilities requiring robust streaming output. The scalable and flexible solution can deliver up to 10 UHD channels or 40 HD channels in a 2RU, as well as the flexibility to mix and match with compatible OG cards such as the MGW Ace Decoder OG. The MGW Diamond OG enables point-to-point and point-to-multipoint streaming; it’s UHD-ready, capturing and streaming 4Kp60 video from either its 4x3G-SDI or 12G-SDI inputs. The card supports 4:2:2 10-bit encoding; multichannel audio encoding as well as Zixi; and Pro-MPEG and SRT transport protection technology for reliable video, audio, and metadata transmission over lossy network.

media streaming products zeevee17. ZeeVee ZyPer4K
This encoder claims uncompressed 4K over 10G at virtually zero latency. The ZyPer4K is an SDVoE solution enabling the distribution of content to an unlimited number of displays over a 10Gb Ethernet switch. Using industry standard Cat-6a cables, or fiber, it supports audio and video from HDMI, SDI, Analog and DisplayPort source up to 100 meters, and using the USB port, control keyboards, mice, and cameras directly over the network. ZyPer4K also has a 1Gb direct network connection, ideal for connecting other IP devices without extra cabling. The ZyPer4K supports uncompressed 720p, 1080p HD, Ultra HD, and 4K resolution content.



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