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Soundcraft Ui24R

An updated addition to the compelling Ui Series of touch-based mixers, Soundcraft announced its new Ui24R, controllable by up to 10 devices via Ethernet or built-in dual-band wi-fi, with Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing and 20 Studer-designed microphone preamps builtin. Effects from Harman sister companies are as follows: Lexicon reverbs, choruses and delays; dbx compression; dbx AFS2 automatic feedback suppression; and two channels of DigiTech guitar and amp modeling. Thanks to its HTML5 compatibility, the system can be controlled from any modern browser, whether iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices—no app needed.

Usefully, the Ui24R allows users to redundantly record their stereo mix, plus all 22 multitrack inputs, directly to a USB storage drive and a connected computer.

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