Stampede Introduces Drone Video Systems

In anticipation of the growing marketplace, Stampede add drone category
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In anticipation of the growing marketplace, Stampede add drone category

Recent industry studies forecast that over the next 5 years, drones will be used by 40 percent of all businesses and that by 2024, the commercial drone market will grow to represent 12 percent of the $98-billion total market. Understanding the opportunity this reality presents to pro AV dealers, Stampede introduced its new commercial AV category, Drone Video Systems (DVS).

“The first responder, who requires a zero millisecond video downlink to view drone-filmed footage in realtime, needs a completely different DVS solution than the broadcaster who requires downloadable data storage for aerial photography; the two completely different uses require two completely different DVS solutions,” says Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly. “With Stampede’s DVS, our dealers will have access to the right Drone Video System for virtually every application brought to them.”

Specifically, the DVS product portfolio includes drone platform hardware such as frames, batteries, motors, gimbals and sensors, downlinks, and controllers; drone add-on components such as “sense-and-avoid” sensors, video downlink compression, GPS, and live videoconferencing; and drone command and control capabilities, such as video data management, data archiving, storage, and retrieval, and live video data sharing.



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