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Strother Bullins on Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Handheld Mic Set

Operational features of the AVX-835 kit includes inaudible shifting to license-free frequencies upon the detection of interference, adaptive transmitting power, automatic transmitter sensitivity correction and transmitter battery life display. Specifications include 24-bit/48 kHz operation, 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response, > 90 dB (A) signal-to-noise ratio, and > 120 dB (A) dynamic range. The package comes with the aforementioned handheld transmitter, receiver and mic pouch plus mic clip, USB cable, USB-to-AC adapter and XLR to eighth-inch TRS connector.

For camera use, the receiver is plugged directly into a XLR-3 input. If a camera provides phantom power, the receiver is automatically activated together with the camera. When using via mixer, portable powered PA enclosures, etc., the AVX receiver is plugged directly into its desired XLR input; see the accompanying photo of the AVX-835’s use with Sunburst Gear’s M3BR8 powered speaker for an example of a most portable wireless mic/portable PA solution.

For non-video applications, the AVX-835 SET-4-US is most useful in spoken-word, public address scenarios. One example: a school gymnasium-hosted fundraiser with the AVX as the sole transducer input for a Mackie Reach portable PA. The kit’s e835 cardioid capsule always sounds superb; it is super easy to pair the transmitter and receiver, simply with the touch of a button; and battery life/signal strength are helpfully referenced on the handheld transmitter’s LCD display. Usefully, the receiver’s Lithium-ion battery USB port is positioned so it can be charged while in use; that saved me on another occasion while using the AVX-835 SET-4-US when undercharged and paired with a compact analog mixer. No matter where I used it, the AVX-835 SET-4-US was met with a smile from speakers, vocal talent/artists and end-users, legitimately wowed by its tiny form factor and obvious flexibility. Finally, Sennheiser pedigree is no small matter, either; it convinced a highly skeptical A/V professional I encountered to trust a crucial vocal to the AVX-835 SET-4-US’s crystal clear signal path.

At $899 street, this innovative AVX kit is probably the most flexible digital wireless system I’ve ever used. Though it won’t replace the growing plethora of 2.4 GHz rack-mount wireless systems found in music venues, clubs, HOWs and schools, its tiny form factor, USB- chargeable design, flawless performance and exciting flexibility makes it the ultimate compact wireless mix solution, all enclosed in one single mic pouch.

Strother Bullins is Technology Editor for New- Bay Media’s AV/Pro Audio Group. [email protected]

Product Summary

COMPANY: Sennheiser |

PROS: Simple to use; the AVX EKP receiver is tiny; AVX SKM transmitter features an e835 cardioid capsule and sounds superb; useful in a wide range of applications

CONS: 19 ms latency may not allow AVX to be used in all desired applications





THD (1 KHZ): typ. 0.1%

AUDIO SAMPLING: 24 bit/48 kHz


RF FREQUENCY RANGES: 1,880 to 1,930 MHz (country-specific)

MODULATION: GFSK with back channel

TRANSMISSION METHOD: TDMA fast switching antenna diversity

LATENCY: 19 ms

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