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SLIDESHOW: 4K/8K Projection

Projectors continue to hold their own, as display options expand and diversify. We’ve only scratched the surface with 8K—starting with DP’s INSIGHT laser, which we saw at InfoComm. Last month, Japan’s NHK debuted its 8K broadcasting (even though content continues to lag, with 8K content even scarcer than 4K) and Sharp showed off their 8K monitor to acclaim all year. So 8K, technically, is here, with or without anything to play on it. Still, there is more to high-resolution display than entertainment and signage. Simulation and real-time imaging will clearly grow, and for museum and theme park markets people are no doubt incorporating it into current attraction designs. In the meantime, back on earth, new laser 4K projectors have hit the market, challenging benchmarks on size, weight, price and performance for their respective categories. Ease of installation has increased for many options, either through weight reduction, new chassis designs, more orientation options, and/or supporting calibration software. As a bonus, industrial design on some of the newest projectors has raised the bar.

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