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Thinklogical TLX KVM system

Delivers full resolution, full color depth, 4K video at 60Hz frame rate using only two cables.

TLX from Thinklogical is the first KVM system delivering extension and switching of uncompressed full resolution, full color depth, 4K video (4096×2160 resolution, 4-4-4 color depth) at 60Hz frame rate using only two cables. TLX KVM matrix switches and extenders are based on a new, single laser, single-data-stream 10Gbps architecture that supports delivery of uncompressed video, audio, and peripheral data over both fiber-optic (multi- and single-mode) and CATx infrastructure. With signal latency in the microseconds, TLX delivers video with no visual artifacts, jitter, or lost frames. A unique dual connector on the TLX extenders can receive both HDMI (1.4) and DisplayPort (1.2) cables on the same extender, eliminating the requirement for an external adapter or dongle to convert from DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI. This allows a customer to upgrade from HDMI to DisplayPort when and as they need to in the future, with no change in equipment. When combined with a Thinklogical TLX matrix switch (available from 16 to 640 ports), it becomes easy to intermingle and connect HDMI/DVI and DisplayPort sources and displays.

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