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Timecode Systems UltraSync ONE

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Timecode Systems’ new UltraSync ONE takes the full extent of its sync capability, increases battery life to at least 25 hours, and miniaturizes all these features into its smallest product yet. It is a cost-effective, RF-powered timecode and genlock solution, offering sync at a price point that makes it affordable for multicamera, multi-audio shoots and professional 360-degree VR custom rigs. Measuring 55mm x 44mm x 17mm, UltraSync ONE is a small generator and transceiver that provides timecode, genlock for camera sync, and word clock for sound, all synchronized wirelessly and with sub-line sync accuracy over bi-directional BLINK RF. This combines to provide synchronization to such a high degree of accuracy that it’s suitable for even genlock-synchronised 360-degree VR arrays. And even with every UltraSync ONE feature turned on and an OLED display set to maximum brightness, 25 hours of battery life is the minimum that can be expected from a single charge through its USB C port.



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