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TOA TS-910

This wireless conferencing system can handle up to 96 chairperson/ delegate stations, three level voting, and simultaneous translation audio channel. Combining wired and wireless units, as many as 192 stations can be used. The TS-800 and TS-910 chairperson/ delegate stations can be operated on AC or on a Lithium-Ion battery for up to ten hours. The units also have external source inputs and PA/record outputs. The TS-910 can use wired (CAT5) or wireless components with infrared transmitter/ receivers, expansion units, and bridge units. Failure in one station leaves the others functional and these can be externally controlled on RS232 or USB. The system includes a built-in feedback suppressor and when the speaker is on, the chairman/delegate unit mic is turned off automatically to avoid feedback, and vice versa.

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