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The Emotn N1 smart projector is officially licensed by Netflix

The N1 features 1080p video with ToF laser autofocus and keystone correction

Netflix is available on most smart devices these days, but smart projectors are a bit of an exception to the rule. While there are some that support the ubiquitous streaming service, it is certainly not the norm. Enter the Emotn N1, officially licensed by Netflix. The N1 isn’t shy about this either, even opening with Netflix’s library upon being powered on.

Measuring 7.17 x 4.92 x 7.56 in (18.2 x 12.5 x 19.2 cm)  with a weight of 4.24 lb (1.9 kg), the Emotn N1 is compact for travel, or even repositioning where desired around the house. The N1 comes with all entertainment apps pre-installed, and projects at 1080p (from 60 all the way to 120 diagonal inches) and features HDR10, Time of Flight laser autofocus, and keystone correction for ease of use. The projector also comes with a handy kickstand built-in, allowing the throw angle to be modified by up to 12 degrees.

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When it comes to sound, the N1 sports a Dolby Atmos system with two 5-W speakers, though wireless Bluetooth audio is also supported, as are external powered speakers.

In addition to the obvious Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity support, the projector also features HDMI and USB ports. The Emotn N1 Smart Projector is available now for $399.99.

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