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Optoma ProScene ZK1050

The Optoma ProScene ZK1050 is a flagship 4K UHD laser projector featuring 10,000 lumens of brightness and an impressive 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, with Extreme Black enabled. This projector delivers color performance and rich blacks for high impact visuals in professional environments, including auditoriums, museums, houses of worship and other large venues. Featuring Optoma’s DURACORE laser phosphor light source, HDR10 with wide color gamut support and MultiColor (MCL) laser technology, the Optoma ZK1050 delivers bright, large images with clarity and sharpness, even in environments with high ambient light. This high-performance ProScene projector comes equipped with key installation features, including built-in edge blending, vertical and horizontal lens shift, and four corner and keystone correction, along with motorized zoom and interchangeable lenses, for integration flexibility. Compatible with multiple interchangeable optical lens options, the Optoma ZK1050 offers 24/7, 360-degree and portrait-mode operation to accommodate complex installation projects. Incorporating an IP6X-certified optical engine into the design, the projector’s long-lasting laser light source and quiet, compact, class-leading chassis translate to an overall low-maintenance projection option that guarantees lower cost of ownership. As Optoma’s highest lumen 4K laser projector, the ZK1050 delivers top of the line brightness, flexibility and image quality.

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