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Tech Roundup: Video Walls 2022

Innovation has transformed this product category, which seemed headed to commoditization not so long ago. Consider the rise of screen culture where screens are integrated into nearly every part of life, including communications on large and small scales, and in environments including retail, entertainment, work, and critical operations in healthcare, security, and more.

Absen spent five years developing the premium Absen Clear Cobalt series Micro LED. Debuted in the fall, this is a high-quality, stable product incorporating inverted COB encapsulation technology and the HDR 10 core algorithm. Adopting the all-black coating technology and the black level correction technology, the product can achieve an excellent display effect of ultra-black surface, high brightness, and high contrast ratio. It also offers lifelike image quality and comfortable viewing experience, while at the same time featuring damp-proof, dust-proof, abrasion-proof, oxidation-resistance, electrostatic prevention, and blue-ray prevention. The product has multiple indoor use cases including high-end conference rooms, control rooms, radio and television studios, and luxury homes.

The Barco UniSee LCD video wall has a bezel-less and modular design; image quality is supported with a .3mm gap, as well as automatic real-time continuous calibration for color and brightness edge to edge. The thing that earned this product a Best of InfoComm award was the focus on realworld deployment such as installation time, mounting, and ease-of-service—tasks that our judges pointed out could be “solved by a person with an Allen key.” At launch, the UniSee came with Barco’s innovative gravity-driven mounting structure. Since then other manufacturers have also collaborated on mounts including Draper, SMS, and Vogel’s curved mount, and Barco has developed the integrated UniSee platform consisting of UniSee View, UniSee Mount, and UniSeee Connect.

The Black Box Radian Flex Video Wall Platform supports today’s standard of 4K 60fps video displays up to more than one billion pixels for a claim of “limitless” resolution—meaning it will also be 8K ready and beyond. Solution also supports an unlimited number of inputs, screens, and endpoints.. The included SmartFrame technology ensures optimal use of the video wall display area. This feature provides calibration and fit with minimal setup time. Other key features include content manipulation, schedule and restore capabilities, realtime control over displayed content, slide show, and more. Radian Flex is offered in two suites: The Radian Flex Suite and the Radian FlexPro Suite. The Flex Suite is best fit for economic video wall installations that are not reliant on fail-safe operation. The FlexPro Suite includes dual controllers to ensure fail-safe operation for mission-critical applications.

Last month, the Chief TiLED i-Style direct LED wall mounting system debuted. Like the existing TiLED H-Style dvLED Wall Mounting Systems, i-Style is designed with the installer in mind. The complete family of TiLED wall mounts are quick and simple to install, and save valuable time on the job—easy to specify, easy to order, and easy to install. TiLED Solution Services can be leveraged for assistance with design, specification, and installation.

The LED Active 3D option for the Christie MicroTiles LED line was designed for a flicker-free 3D experience. Using active shuttered 3D glasses, users can view 3D content at 120Hz (60Hz per eye) at a 1.25mm pixel pitch. Combined with MicroTiles’ high-brightness and P3 cinema-quality color, Christie MicroTiles LED Active 3D is suitable for even demanding 3D installations such as aerospace, automotive, military, and themed entertainment. With Active 3D, Christie MicroTiles LED displays 4K UHD content at 120 frames per second at 1000 nits brightness via a Christie Link E1000-3D video wall controller. Coupled with Christie MicroTiles LED design flexibility, including inside and outside corners up to 90-degrees and convex and concave curves, the display can be customized to suit anywhere from CAVEs to control rooms. The cabinet-free Click-n-Go LED tiles can be arranged seamlessly in near limitless ways. An innovative ADA-compliant QuickMount system lets you quickly build a display in virtually any shape or size. And the intuitive, easy-to-use web-based control interface can be accessed from any connected device.

Datapath Aligo is an AVoIP technology that allows different video resolutions to be shared across different network bandwidths, simultaneously.

Aligo works seamlessly with Datapath’s latest Aetria control room solution, giving users a single interface for versatile display layouts and content management. According to Datapath, Aligo allows users to connect and share video sources in any resolution without affecting the original quality. The new technology provides 4K content across a 10G network and compressed streams on 1G infrastructure at the same time, delivering flexibility in content distribution with sub-millisecond latency. The current product range includes the Aligo QTX100 quad 4K transmitter and the Aligo RX100, a single 4K receiver with quad HD outputs.

The Digital Projection Radiance line of direct-view LED display solutions encompasses four distinct platforms. The Performance Series includes a pixel pitch range from 0.7mm to 4.0mm with brightness up to 1,500 nits, refresh rates up to 3900Hz, and broad color gamut performance, reaching over 93 percent REC2020 color standard. The VX Series offers LED performance at a lower entry cost, covering the 1.2mm to 2.5mm range. The RCS Series has a reconfigurable panel design that can be flown, ground-stacked, or permanently installed with pixel pitches of 2.6mm and 2.9mm. DPI also offers an Outdoor Series of all-weather-rated LED panels ranging from 2.9mm to 16mm for digital signage or outdoor media.

LG Business Solutions provides 25 preconfigured DVLED display models in 16:9 and 32:9 Ultra Stretch formats for both indoor and outdoor installations. These new offerings aim to simplify DVLED display by offering a complete lineup of fully configured displays and backing all of them with service and support. Each DVLED display includes all display components, display accessories, spare parts and modules, and a 4K LG DVLED controller— delivered in wheeled flight cases for easy transport. The LG webOS-based 4K controller features a quad-core SoC, built-in media player, LG’s remote control, 3.6GB of flash storage, and an AV-over-IP decoder for displaying multiple streams. Its built-in scaling functionality allows users to adjust resolution up or down in various areas of the finished display. LG DVLED displays also support screen sharing via Miracast, and WiDi wireless display connectivity. The new LG DVLED displays come in various indoor and outdoor models in a variety of sizes from 81 to 578 inches diagonal and resolutions from 2K to 8K.

The INFiLED WP Series is an ultrathin, lightweight 16:9 tile HD LED wallpaper display that delivers impressive visual experiences by combining a slim design with extremely easy installation. Front installation, front maintenance, and optional built-in media player offers easy operation for a simple and neat environment. With its 16:9 panel ratio and availability from 0.9 up to 3.1mm pixel pitch, the WP Series is designed to support native Full HD, 4K, and 8K resolutions. It can be utilized in a wide range of vertical markets, such as command and control, conference rooms, retail, education, broadcast, and more.

The Matrox D-Series D1450 multi-display graphics card is a single-slot, quad 4K/60 HDMI graphics card that enables OEMs, system integrators, and AV installers to easily combine multiple D1450 boards to quickly deploy high-density-output video walls of up to 16 synchronized 4K displays. Supported with video wall software and developer tools for advanced custom control and application development, D1450 is designed for a broad range of commercial and critical 24/7 applications, including control rooms, enterprises, industries, government, military, digital signage, and broadcast.

Last month, the MAXHUB LM138A07TAA TAA Compliant Integrated LED Wall Display debuted. As a member of MAXHUB’s Raptor Series, the LM138A07TAA offers a rich feature set typical of all Raptor Series displays while being TAA compliant. TAA compliance indicates that this display is manufactured in a TAAdesignated country—meaning a nation with which the U.S. maintains a trade agreement and regards as a reliable or acceptable procurement source. TAA compliance also ensures that the product meets all necessary requirements that enable it to be sold to the Federal government of the United States.

The Optoma QUADZilla FHDQ163 Direct View LED delivers 600 nits and 163-inch imagery with a simple threestep assembly process. The full HD 1080p FHDQ163 display features a slim detachable bezel, allowing integrators to combine multiple displays and create large-scale installations. With a 1.9mm pixel pitch, 4K UHD input compatibility, and QUAD LED technology, the display has a unique 4-in-1 Surface Mount Diode (SMD) layout, allowing for a smoother screen surface and a 170-degree wide-viewing angle for comfortable viewing from any point in the room. Featuring built-in Calibre HQUltra 4K image-processing technology, the 163- inch QUAD LED display delivers fast image switching and scaling to provide a high-quality picture with low-latency video processing. Optimized for seamless collaboration, the display wirelessly connects up to four devices for simultaneous images, document and screen sharing via the Optoma TapCast Pro app, and users can wirelessly upload content and control the display via the Fusion Connect app. In addition, the On Screen Display provides easy access to display settings and functions for control directly with the included remote. The display also features an ECO friendly <0.5W standby mode.

The Peerless-AV SEAMLESS Kitted Series of dvLED Video Wall Mounts are designed exclusively for leading direct view LED display manufacturers, providing space-saving designs for multiple configurations. With integrated cable management, easy-hang hardware and a lightweight aluminum frame, integrators can quickly and easily build a video wall. Peerless-AV also offers start to finish support through the SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program. The most recent mounts support Absen’s Direct View LED Displays (Acclaim, Acclaim Plus, Acclaim Pro and Icon Series); Barco XT Series Direct View LED Display; LG LAS Series Direct View LED Displays. Each Kitted Series model has its own specifications and configurations. The modular design of each model offers unlimited video wall display configurations, and includes height and depth adjustment to help overcome installation irregularities, assure the dvLED pixels are aligned, and to guarantee that the entire mount creates one flat plane, regardless of wall imperfections.

The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series line of MicroLED video wall displays delivers always-on, high-performance, high-resolution display experiences with the finest pixel pitches from 0.6 to 0.9mm for the most refined and mission-critical applications. The Planar DirectLight Ultra Series presents several display technology advancements that, in combination, deliver big performance with MicroLED technology, off-board power supply, proprietary alignment technology, and the powerful Planar WallDirector Video Controller and corresponding video wall management software.

The Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series 225” is claimed as the world’s largest seamless interactive display. At 225 inches diagonal—which is 20 feet wide by 5 feet high—and 6K image resolution, the LPD 6K Series interactive display offers a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels. The flexible, impact-resistant surface offers smooth interaction with 32 simultaneous touch points and can be viewed at any distance and at any angle without eye fatigue. The latest LPD is energy efficient, shatter-resistant, and offers rollability for transport. The new modular design helps speed display integration and permits installation in a variety of locations. The durable front screen, made of a specially coated polycarbonate layer, is rolled into a cylinder for easy transport. Thanks to this feature, integrators can negotiate tight corners and enter through standard doors and passenger elevators during setup. This large-format display comes optionally bundled with the Prysm Application Suite, a digital workplace platform that brings people, content, and ideas together. The platform displays streaming video, web applications, documents, presentations, and images as well as input from laptops and mobile devices.

The RGB Spectrum QuadPlex splitter appliance works with all RGB Spectrum video wall processors to significantly increase the size of its video walls. The new unit couples with existing video wall processors to quadruple the number of outputs to support LCD and LED walls. The MediaWall V embedded processor enables users to increase video wall size up to 96 displays. For the Galileo PC processor, it means an increase of up to 96 displays. And for the Zio W4000 processor, it means an increase of up to 64 displays. The Quadplex unit is available as an external box for the MediaWall V and as either a PC-board or an external box for use with the Galileo and Zio W4000 processors.

The Samsung Wall for Business is a modular, large-format indoor MicroLED that can now extend up to 583 inches while delivering high brightness, contrast, and viewing angles. The flexibility of the modularity allows users to customize The Wall to a variety of sizes and designs to fit customized needs. The display’s self-emitting MicroLED pixel modules produce clear imagery free of color filters or backlighting and envelope viewers through elevated peak brightness and a near-infinite contrast ratio. The display has a slim depth with a seamless, flush surface allowing it to blend into the wall when not in use. With numerous applications, including lobbies, art exhibitions, hotels, retail spaces, and more, The Wall for Business is designed to provide a dramatic aesthetic complement in multiple settings.

The Sony Crystal LED direct view display system delivers high contrast, thanks to a 99-percent black surface area using ultrafine LEDs, precise color reproduction, and a 180-degree viewing angle. The technology is currently used in professional applications including corporate showrooms, retail, R&D centers, museums, auditoriums, and studios with installations across the world. Its modular nature enables the Crystal LED display to accommodate virtually any size or aspect ratio. Sony’s Crystal LED display system is available in a portrait configuration, optimized for lobby, boardroom, and reception environments, further showcasing the display’s versatility, impact, and applicability in the corporate market.

At the beginning of March, the Sharp NEC MultiSync Message Series was announced. The series features displays from the ME, M and MA Series. The new reframed portfolio provides an ultra-high definition and commercially focused display lineup optimized for digital signage applications while also containing modular expandability. Introduced in December, the ME Series comes at a cost-conscious price point for both portrait and landscape applications. The M Series includes all features of the ME Series, but allowing for 24/7 runtime capabilities; a 500 cd/m2 anti-reflective, high haze panel and integrated ambient light sensor optimize visual impact and clarity depending on different in-room lighting conditions. All M series products come in a range of sizes include a full metal chassis, carrying handles, and integrated cooling fans, allowing for easier installation, a more ruggedized feel, and greater insurance of maintaining consistent image quality. The MA Series is the flagship with Wide Color Gamut and anti-reflective panels combined with NEC’s proprietary SpectraView Engine. This color management technology was originally developed for NEC’s color-critical desktop monitors; behind-the-scenes luminance stabilization technology ensures the display has a consistent image output for a longer period of time compared to traditional commercial displays. A key feature of the MA Series is its robust connectivity selection and expanded daisy chaining capabilities with 8K support via HDMI or DisplayPort SST and MST.

In February, the tvONE CORIOmaster got key upgrades. A new 4K60 output module for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro, as well as new versions of firmware and software (including CORIOgrapher 3.3) continued the evolution of this family of multi-window video processors. The new 4K60 output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC2OUT) gives a smoother, more immersive video experience for up to 14 outputs for high-end LED installations, projection edge blends or monitor walls. Other new output choices using the new module include 4K60 output cloning or for dual, independent, 4K30 outputs. The dual 4K30 outputs double the amount of 4K outputs available, to allow connection to up to 28 4K displays, while the new cloning feature makes setting up repeat displays, duplicated side screens, and screen recording much simpler and more efficient to use. The company also announced updates to its free CORIOmaster app. The latest version, v1.5, allows secure connectivity and includes support for the newest generation video processor, CORIOmaster2. The app provides a secure wireless control platform, enabling the control of CORIOmaster wirelessly on an internal Wi-Fi network allowing users to execute all simple control functions through the CORIOmaster app from any CORIOmaster unit, including CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, CORIOmaster micro, and CORIOmaster2. Functionality includes viewing all canvases, viewing the selected ‘source to window’ assignments, activat – ing presets, switching inputs, and assigning fresh sources to windows. Advanced users can create and execute powerful automated rules and sequences in the Macro Editor.

The ViewSonic LD108-121 and LD216- 251 expanded ViewSonic’s line of direct view LED displays. The 108-inch LD108- 121 and the 216-inch LD216-251 are allin-one display solutions designed for professional-grade, 24/7 operation. The LD216-121 is 1.2mm pixel pitch Full HD (120% Rec.709) at 500 nits with a 4400Hz refresh; the LD216-251is 2.5mm, Full HD (120% Rec.709) at 600 nits with a 4400Hz refresh. Both direct view LED displays are composed of several pre-assembled cabinets and multiple LED modules for easy installa – tion. When installed, each individual module auto-configures and calibrates its location and setting values within the display as a singular unit. Both displays may be installed easily with two people and within two hours. An embedded SoC platform delivers an innovative viewing experience, by simplify – ing installation and maintenance, so there is no need for external devices to communicate with a server. With remote configuration and content management system support, both the LD108-121 and the LD216-251 are compatible with Crestron, Extron, and AMX automated control systems.

In February the VuWall PAK launched as an innovative solution for deploying and managing modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments. PAK is a compact networked, multi-decode node that can operate as a stand-alone appliance or be stitched with other nodes to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable. VuWall’s high-performance PAK device features four HDp60 outputs or one 4Kp60 output and multiformat decoding up to 32 HD streams per device, including H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, NDI, PNG, JPEG, and VNC/remote desktops or virtualized browsers. As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, PAK is managed by the company’s TRx 3.1 software platform. Easy to set up and configure, PAK is designed for multiroom visualization, situational awareness, control rooms, and corporate workspaces.

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