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Yamaha RPoi222 I/O Rack

Yamaha Professional Audio has introduced the RPio222 I/O rack, a compact variation of the current RPio622 I/O rack for the RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system. The availability of two I/O rack types will allow easier, more fexible setup of distributed I/O systems and offers significantly enhanced flexibility when designing RIVAGE PM10 systems for live sound, live broadcast, hall, theater, and other applications. The RPio222 is a dedicated I/O rack unit for the RIVAGE PM10. While the current RPio622 model fills a 10U rack space, the compact RPio222 requires only a 5U rack space for enhanced installation and placement versatility. The front panel features two RY-card slots that can accommodate dedicated analog input, analog output, or digital input/output cards. Two MY-card slots are also provided, offering compatibility with an extensive range of more than 30 expansion cards. Two rear-panel HY-card slots allow installation of input/output cards that support TWINLANe, the Rivage PM10 system backbone protocol, and Dante protocol for connection to additional network devices.

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