AV over IP: Tiered Solutions Turn Challenges into Opportunities

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Although new technology can make it tempting to do AV over IP with a ‘plug-n-play’ approach, properly and carefully tailoring the solution to each application is the only way to succeed in this market– for you and your clients. Find out how to evaluate application needs and solutions to make the right AV over IP solution choice. Click here to access the archived webcast.



How to Sell AV-over-IP Technologies

Differentiating AV-over-IP technologies - the where, when and why to use them – can be a challenge in today’s market. It doesn’t have to be.Join this practical overview to optimizing AV-over-IP technology for modern systems design and their application into real world solutions. ...read more

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AMX by HARMAN's new SVSi N2300 Series of 4K video over IP solutions are an addition to AMX’s existing range of 4K products adds an extremely cost-effective 4K video distribution solution for many common applications. With a bandwidth of less than 200 megabits per second, users ...read more


Streaming AV Over IP Networks

Streaming AV Over IP NetworksStreaming technology offers AV professionals a world of possibilities and a fresh set of challenges.Before Your BeginWhat exactly is “streaming media?” If you’ve been on YouTube, you’ve seen it, but in a nutshell, it’s a way of delivering video:A: ...read more