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Roadshow New York—Save the Date

The Rental and Staging Roadshow returns to New York

On Wednesday, July 29, the Rental Staging Roadshow will return to Manhattan for a lively day of panels, presentations, gear exhibits, and networking for several hundred industry professionals. The event will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, with Worldstage (formerly called Scharff Weisberg) as co-host again this year. Log onto to register.

There are just so many new developments in high-lumen video projection this year, we’ll use the roadshow to update the industry on all the new technology that was talked about at the NAB and Cinema Summit in April (see the in-depth feature article on those events in this issue) and at InfoComm in June– all in a more intimate and hands-on environment, away from a hectic, huge tradeshow.

Here are some highlights of what to expect at the summer roadshow:

• A panel of invited guests including some of the top New York video designers and equipment manufactures in an exploration of the fast moving developments in video projection as manufacturers release a whole new generation of new high-lumen projector offerings that are radical departures from the what the staging industry has seen to date. Not just big gun laser projection, but a new crop of laser phosphor projectors that are more accessible now, and a new generation of xenon projectors that are breathing new life (and TCO) into those workhorse machines. The cinema market may be leading the way, but the technology is rapidly disseminating out to the staging market—for both entertainment and corporate events and theme parks.

• A look at the latest developments as the industry increasingly uses new tools to live stream an event, to archive a copy of the visual elements of the event, and more.

• New developments in business practices at venues, and new live event strategies from clients, that will change your world—be prepared if you are going to survive or thrive in the new live event landscape.

• Pushing Media Servers to the Max. Media servers, whether hardware-based or software-based, are changing the way live event video is managed. We’ll look at more power from media servers, more outputs per server, more previsualization functions, autocalibration of displays, and more.

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