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7thSense brings Sights and Sounds of the Natural World to COP26 as Eden Project Pavilion Partner

7thSense partners with the Eden Project at COP26

Media serving and show control experts, 7thSense, have partnered with the Eden Project in the delivery of the Eden Project Pavilion at the COP26 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.


Located in the Blue Zone in the Scottish Exhibition Campus, the Eden Project Pavilion is a showcase of, and call to arms for, the actions needed to regenerate our fractured planet. It harnesses the geodesic design reminiscent of the Eden Project biomes in Cornwall in the UK, designed by Grimshaw, but this time its collapsed panels reflect the planetary crisis we have entered. The structure stands at 6.5 metres high and measures 8 metres in diameter at its widest point.


Serving as a backdrop to the structure, a three-output 7thSense Pico Media Server drives video via Digital Projection projectors onto the three wall-mounted screens behind the geodesic structure, as well as handling the Pavilion’s audio to bring the immersive experience together.


The Pavilion has been designed to house a ‘cabinet of climate curiosities’ – objects that represent the urgent transformations required, which in turn have nurtured an ecosystem within the dome: plants climb up and in through the cracks as biodiversity once more returns.


This diverse collection of objects, artworks, media, models and installations; each represent a perspective, value, or insight that is part of Eden’s philosophical ecology, while also being a gateway into a specific Eden affiliated project: from automata that speak to our interconnectedness with the natural world; to augmented reality and planet positive artworks; to immersive media that reveals the invisible worlds around us; or geothermal drill bits and solar energy trees that speak of an end to fossil fuels.


The Pavilion will be open to COP26 participants until Friday 12th November, 2021.

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